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4 May
WhiteBoard Marker Traces

Date: Thu,  4 May 95 14:49:40 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: WhiteBoard Marker Traces

Excerpts-from: WhiteBoard News for May 03, 1995

Tripoli, Libya:

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi says the Oklahoma City
bombing signaled the start of a mass revolt against the
U.S. government, and he offered President Clinton
refuge in Libya.

Gadhafi made the remarks in a speech late Saturday
marking a battle between Libyans and an Italian
military force 80 years ago.

"Oklahoma was the beginning of the reaction of the
masses living in America," Gadhafi was quoted as
saying.  "It was a reaction against the nightmare and

Saying "thousands of militias were currently waging
armed popular revolution in America," Gadhafi invited
Clinton and his wife, Hillary, to flee to Libya, "the
only safe country in the world."

Liverpool, England:

A streaker ran onto Britain's airwaves Tuesday during a
live weather report.

The weather reports on ITV network's "This Morning"
program normally feature forecaster Fred Talbot
prancing about on a 50-foot-wide map of Britain and
Ireland afloat in the Liverpool Docks.

The streaker, taking a running leap from the nearby
docks, joined Talbot aboard the floating podium.

As Talbot tried to continue with his report, the
streaker ran from England into Wales, fully exposing
himself to several million viewers and a cheering
dockside crowd.  He stumbled into the sea while trying
to leap from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

When the streaker pulled himself back onto dry land, a
stunned Talbot handed him his clipboard to cover
himself.  No action was brought against the streaker.

"He told us he had done it because it was a sunny day
and it was a bit of fun," said program host Richard
Maddeley.  "Anyone who fails to see the funny side
needs a sense-of-humor transplant."

Hollywood, California:

"I stopped taking showers, and I take baths, only
baths" (But if she is at a hotel or friend's home with
no bathtub) "I make sure the doors and windows of the
house are locked, and I leave the bathroom door open
and shower curtain open."

Janet Leigh, recalling the effect of her role in the
movie "Psycho".

New York, New York:

Concerned about your high-fiber diet?  There's a new
way to deal with the -- um -- after effects.

The Toot Trapper is a 15-inch by 17-inch carbon-foam
filter disguised as a cushion, guaranteed to improve
the air quality around the afflicted person.

The advertising is even bolder than that: "Saves
marriages, friendships -- maybe even LIVES" it says,
without going into details.

The Toot Trapper was designed by inventor Frank Lathrop
after he had developed diabetes -- which often includes
intestinal distress.

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