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5 May
Even Yet Still More Shotgun Surveys

Date: Fri,  5 May 95 01:38:20 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Even Yet Still More Shotgun Surveys

From: (Daniel Steinberg)

In the play/movie `A Thousand Clowns', the lead (Jason Robards in the
movie) has done something stupid to alienate his girlfriend.  He later
describes to her the following, more or less:

	I was walking down the street [in New York City] trying to
	figure out how to apologize to you.  I started practicing
	there on the street, saying "I'm sorry.  I'm real sorry.
	I'm so sorry." over and over again.  Suddenly, this guy
	walking past me looked up and said, "That's OK, mac."

	I couldn't believe it.  He must have felt so oppressed by the
	world that he felt as if he deserved an apology, even if it was
	from a total stranger.  So i tried an experiment:  I stood on
	the corner and said "I'm sorry" to every person that passed.
	And do you know: a third of them found it in their heart
	to forgive me!

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