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6 May
Top Twenty Michael Fay Movie Titles

Date: Sat,  6 May 95 12:52:49 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Top Twenty Michael Fay Movie Titles

Forwarded-by: (Chuck Clanton)

Michael Fay, the American teenager who was roundly thrashed for his
misadventures in Singapore, is currently negotiating for the movie
rights to his story.  Following is the top 20 list of possible titles
for his epic tale:

      20.  Lethal Whuppin'
      19.  Young Spankenstein
      18.  A Fistful of Hollers
      17.  The Lash Detail
      16.  Bang the Buns Slowly
      15.  Cane's World
      14.  Beat Yerassic Park
      13.  Moonstruck
      12.  Blazing Saddles
      11.  My Left Cheek
      10.  American Graffiti
       9.  Fleshdance
       8.  Buttman
       7.  My Fair Heinie
       6.  Rear Unpleasant Danger
       5.  Lashee, Go Home
       4.  Bunsmoke
       3.  Field of Screams
       2.  Natural Bun Killers
       1.  Sorest Rump

   Of course, when this one was sent out at my company, people felt
  compelled to add to it - among the notables:

      4. Das Butt
      3. An American Tail
      2. Red Moon
      1. Citizen Caned   (famous last words: Rose Butt! Rose Butt!)

      The Sound of Buttocks
      The Whipper of Oz
      Fire Down Below
      Magical Blistery Tour
      Wood Shock
      Those Amazing Men and Their Caning Techniques
      It's A Red, Red, Red, Red Butt!
      Black and Blue Beauty
      The Crack of the Killer Tormentors

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