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9 May
How to be opinionated on a budget

Date: Tue,  9 May 95 18:42:23 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: How to be opinionated on a budget

    Many Fun_People will remember the Fun_Posting reproduced below.  It is in
the nature of such freebies to disappear just as you find a good use for them
(by Murphy's Law, if nothing else).  However this one, or offshoots of it, keep
appearing in my mailbox, so I can only assume that nobody has found a good use
for 1-800-768-2221 ... amazing!  And perhaps even shameful.
    I, for one, am willing to give the sponsors of this free phone number the
benefit of the doubt and assume that they want to make it as easy as possible
for all citizens to express their opinions to their governmental
representatives.  Don't let our government suffer from lack of clear directions
from us...  [And so on...]

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Date: Wed, 28 Sep 94 18:21:58 PDT
From: psl
To: Fun_People
Subject: Call DC for Free-  1-800-768-2221

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[I haven't personally tried this number, so I don't know if it still
 works.  If anybody gives it a go, please let me know if it's good.
 It would be darn ironic if a lot of people were forwarding this around
 without anyone actually using it!

[I tried it and, indeed, it's answered "Capitol."  Since I didn't have a spiel
in mind I simply said "Ooops, wrong number."  But you could say more...  -psl]

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From: Robert McDonell <rmcdonell@UCSD.EDU>
From: Forum on Labor in the Global Economy on Thu, Sep 22, 1994 9:46 PM

You can call Capitol Hill to tell your Congressperson or Senator what you
think AND charge the religious right for your call.

Far-right Traditional Values Coalition leader Rev. Lou Sheldon paid for a
toll-free number so anti-gay supporters could call congressional members
and express their political views.

Well, progressives can use the same number and give the opposite views
directly to DC.  The 1-800-768-2221 phone number connects you directly to
Capitol Hill.

Spread this post and the phone number as far as possible.  Let's make
some calls and push up the phone bill for the religious right.

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