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15 May
Found On The WhiteBoard

Date: Mon, 15 May 95 22:56:52 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Found On The WhiteBoard

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Via: WhiteBoard News for May 15, 1995

New York, New York:

So, you thought the highly successful children's book "Everybody Poops" was an
anomaly on the best-seller list?

It now appears there is another children's book destined to compete in nearly
the same market.

"The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts," by Shinta Cho is just now hitting book stands.

It was originally published in Japan under the title "Onara (A Story of Farts)."


New York, New York:

Bikini-style paper undershorts?

Called Brief Briefs by Brief Wear, the undershorts (in men's and women's sizes)
are being marketed to travelers who don't want to pack enough underwear for an
entire trip or wash clothing along the way.

They're cheap, comfortable and disposable.  Toss them away, and each day your
suitcase becomes lighter.

But wouldn't you know it: The Japanese seem to be going one better.

Katakura Industries' newest panty, called Miracle Shorts, dissolve in hot
water.  The Nikkei Weekly newspaper in Japan reports that when you dip the
knickers into hot water, they shred.

Nikkei warns: "For those who tend to spill their coffee or tea, an extra bit of
caution is advised."

According to Japan Airlines newsletter, however, the garments were designed not
for travelers, but for those women in Japan who might be "squeamish at the
thought of discarding old undies in Tokyo's -- required -- semi-transparent
trash bags.

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