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24 May
Re: Term Limits: Dodge, Packard, Jeepers

Date: Wed, 24 May 95 12:54:24 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: Term Limits: Dodge, Packard, Jeepers

From: (Jef Jaisun)

The ball IS the pitch! Unless you're playing soccer, of course. I think a
better analogy might be, if you aim for the kneecaps you might only hit
the ankles. Or the big toe. So, to borrow a page from the G. Gordon Liddy
Freedom for Whackos Handbook, "Aim high."

Conversely, for someone from Seattle to suggest that term limits is/are a
dumb idea, I have two words:
	**Slade Gorton**
This crackerbrain of a career politician campaigned along with the rest
of his conservative ilk on a "throw the bums out" platform. Or at least
he rode the wagon with them. Somehow, the discriminating electorate in
Washington State (and pardon the pun, but Gorton's November opposition
was a black man) couldn't distinguish one bum from another. Instead they
re-elected a weasel who is clearly in the hip pocket of corporate
America, a sleazeball whose two shining accomplishments in this
congressional term (so far) are,
	1. A wholesale industry-driven plan to gut the Endagered Species Act;
	2. Co-sponsorship of the Gorton-Exon Senate Bill 314, to
"regulate" (read: censor) the Internet, punishable by fines up to
$100,000 and five years in jail. Oh, and BTW...last night on a local TV
newscast Gorton was asked if he'd ever logged on to the Internet. His
response: "No."

Now then, lest you think I'm swinging from strictly the right side of the
plate, I'll hasten to point out I'm a veteran switch hitter. I happen to
agree that Tom Foley deserved to be tossed out on his arrogant ass.  The
primary reason he is gone is because he opposed his own electorate on
term limits. He not only voiced his opposition publicly, but promised to
sue his own State if the voters said yes. They did, he did, he's
gone. 2000 votes in the opposite direction and Foley would still be
Speaker of the House. A clear case of derilection of duty, which
ultimately allowed the House to fall into the clutches of Newtboy.

For those of you outside of Washington State, it should be noted that our
state dumped five Democratic congresspersons in this last election.
However, contrary to Republican mantras about this being some kind of
mandate, the largest winning percentage was about 52%. That's no
landslide, that's no mandate. That's voter frustration. And it hasn't
gone away.

The Republicans are entitled to their 15 minutes of fame, but they damned
well better do something constructive with it. (Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
And I'm holding my breath for THAT, fer sure.)

As for me, I'd prefer batting practice against Gaylord Perry. At least I
have no doubt he's gonna doctor the ball.


Jef Jaisun                                        
Seattle       "This is what happens when guitar players get political."

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