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30 May

Date: Tue, 30 May 95 12:18:40 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: !!! MAKE PASSWORDS FAST !!!

[Having actually read one of those "!!! MAKE MONEY FAST !!!" pyramid spams will
really help in appreciating this posting... -psl]

Forwarded-by: bostic@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
Forwarded-by: Donna


> Dear Dave:
> In theory, it is impossible to get other users' passwds.  However, I
> am always told that someone uses some trick and gets other's passwds.
> I want to get some idea and information about that.  Is there any
> software that will allow me to gain access to other's accounts on a
> network?

Why yes, my friend, there is!  Read on...

My name is Dave Rhodes.  In September, 1993 my account was taken away and
Systems Administrators were hounding me like you wouldn't believe. I was
logged off and all of my free accounts had been closed.  The only escape I
had from the pressure of failure was my computer and my modem.  I longed to
turn my advocation into my vocation.

This January, 1995 my family and I had accounts at sites all over the world.
I am currently a Systems Administrator of my own site on the West Coast of
Florida with a private spool, T3 connection, and a beautiful JPEG of the
bay.  I will never have to crack again, and anyone can do the same!

In October, 1993 I received a letter in email telling me how I could gather
50,000 passwds or more whenever I wanted.  If you believe that someday you
deserve that lucky break that you have waited for all your life, simply
follow the easy instructions below.  Your dreams will come true!

Sincerely yours,
Dave Rhodes


Follow these instructions EXACTLY, and in 20 to 60 days you will have
received well over 50,000 passwds (and perhaps a visit from your local
friendly federal agent), all yours to keep!

1)  Immediately email your passwd to the first five (5) addresses below,
    starting at number 1 going up to number 5.  Enclose a note with each
    letter stating, "Please post my name to both and

2)  Remove the name that appears number 1 on the list and move the other 9
    names up one position.  Place your name, email address, and social
    security number in the number 10 position.

3)  Post the new letter with your name in the number 10 position to ten (10)
    separate BBS's, USENET Newsgroups, or International Echos with the
    subject: "!!! MAKE PASSWORDS FAST !!!"

4)  Within 60 days you will receive over 50,000 passwds.  Keep a copy of
    this file for yourself in both hardcopy and digital form so you can use
    it again and again whenever you need passwds and so the authorities will
    have hard evidence when you are audited.

NOTE:  Make sure you retain EVERY name, address, zip code, email address,
       and social security number that you receive either in hardcopy or
       digital form, and do not discard any original document that is sent
       to you.  This is PROOF that you are truly providing a service and
       should the IRS or some other governmental agency question you, you
       can provide them with this proof!  That way they know who else to

 1)  General Scirocco

 2)  DinDin

 3)  Stupid4u

 4)  Narcoleptic

 5)  Jurki Stik

 6)  Elastic Dreams

 7)  Messiah Cruz

 8)  Bill Clinton

 9)  Didja

10)  Dave Rhodes

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