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6 Jun
Generation Gap Gauge

Date: Tue,  6 Jun 95 00:51:49 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Generation Gap Gauge

Forwarded-by: bostic@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Keith Bostic)
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From: (J. Stuart Read)

If you answer mostly A, you're a pre-boomer. If you answer mostly B,
you're a Baby-Boomer. If you answer mostly C, you're in Generation X.
If you answer mostly D, you're in Generation Y.

1) Who is the ideal figure of motherhood?
     A - Eleanor Roosevelt.
     B - Donna Reed.
     C - Mrs. Brady.
     D - Roseanne.

2) What did you want to be when you grew up?
     A - Part of a nuclear family.
     B - Someone who makes lots of money.
     C - Living with your parents.
     D - Living with your parents.

3) Music should be...
     A - Melodic and romantic.
     B - Annoying to your parents.
     C - Annoying to your parents.
     D - Annoying to your parents.

4) Sex is for...
     A - Married couples who want to start families.
     B - Anybody who wants to start a party.
     C - Latex-clad partners in a labratory setting.
     D - Watching on TV.

5) The scariest moment in film history was...
     A - When the mummy rose from his tomb.
     B - When the Blob chased Steve McQueen.
     C - When the alien burst from the man's chest.
     D - When Freddy still would not die.

6) The most inspiring American is...
     A - John Wayne.
     B - John F. Kennedy.
     C - John F. Kennedy Jr.
     D - Beavis or Butt-head

7) I expect my retirement to be...
     A - The golden years when I can look back on a happy, fufilling life.
     B - An opportunity to finally write my novel.
     C - An agonizing slide into abject poverty.
     D - A daily struggle to survive in a horribly polluted world.

8) America is becoming...
     A - More impersonal.
     B - More frightening.
     C - More expensive.
     D - More bogus.

9) The American Dream is...
     A - A house with a two-car garage.
     B - A healthy family.
     C - Winning the lottery.
     D - Touring with Metallica.

10) My college major was...
     A - Business.
     B - Liberal arts.
     C - Secondary to my bartending job.
     D - Something far, far away.

11) A good meal would be...
     A - Meat and potatoes.
     B - Vegetarian macrobiotic.
     C -  From a drive-up window.
     D - Microwaveable.

12) My favorite footwear is...
     A - Sensible shoes.
     B - Earth shoes.
     C - Converse high-tops.
     D - Doc Martens.

13) I learned to drive behind the wheel of a...
     A - '53 Packard.
     B - '61 VW.
     C - '78 Pinto.
     D - Sega.

14) The "woman"...
     A - Marilyn Monroe.
     B - Raquel Welch.
     C - Julia Roberts.
     D - Sheryl Crow.

15) The "man"...
     A - Cary Grant.
     B - Paul McCartney.
     C - Eddie Vedder.
     D - Bart Simpson.

16) Lost idol...
     A - James Dean.
     B - Jim Morrison.
     C - Kurt Cobain.
     D - Mario Bros.

17) My generation's most unhealthy habit...
     A - Smoking.
     B - Smoking pot.
     C - Smoking crack.
     D - Moshing.

18) Fashion accessory best forgotten...
     A - Double knit.
     B - Bell bottoms.
     C - Skinny ties.
     D - Ridiculiously baggy pants.

19) The best way to spend a weekend is...
     A - Playing golf.
     B - Conciousness raising.
     C - Mountain biking.
     D - Internet surfing.

20) I remember where I was when...
     A - The Japanese surrendered.
     B - John F. Kennedy was shot.
     C - John Lennon was shot.
     D - O.J. took a drive.

21) Life changing movie...
     A - East of Eden.
     B - Easy Rider.
     C - Heathers.
     D - Home Alone.

22) Life-changing novel...
     A - Catcher in the Rye.
     B - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
     C - Bright Lights Big City.
     D - TV Guide.

23) Sports hero...
     A - Mickey Mantle.
     B - O.J. Simpson.
     C - Michael Jordan.
     D - O.J. Simpson.

24) Celebrity my generation would rather not claim...
     A - Joe McCarthy.
     B - Barry Manilow.
     C - Vanilla Ice.
     D - Barney.

25) Computers are...
     A - Frightening and disconcerning.
     B - Complicated.
     C - Part of life.
     D - My only link to the outside world.

26) The father is the one who...
     A - Brings home the bacon.
     B - Is attuned to his sensitive side.
     C - Left years ago.
     D - Holds the remote control.

27) My after-college plans...
     A - Work hard to help build a strong America.
     B - Take my pick of many job oportunities.
     C - Take my pick of many low-paying temp services.
     D - Would you like fries with that?

28) My generation's most annoying fad is...
     A - Nuclear testing.
     B - Hula hoops.
     C - Body piercing.
     D - Unemployment.

29) The voice of my generation...
     A - Walter Cronkite.
     B - Bob Dylan.
     C - Madonna.
     D - MTV VJ Kennedy.

30) My generation's biggest fear is...
     A - Heart disease.
     B - Getting older.
     C - Collection agencies.
     D - Things that suck

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