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7 Jun
Student Loses Scholarship. Three replies.

Date: Wed,  7 Jun 95 00:29:06 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Student Loses Scholarship.  Three replies.

    Different people reacted differently to this item.

    One person thought that there was no real censorship involved; R. David
Murray <> said:

> Huh?  While I find the school's (and Harvard's) lack of a sense of
> humor deplorable, I didn't see mention of any real censorship in the
> article.  Did the school somehow force the Internet provider to
> pull the page?
> Free speech is not a right to dodge the consequences of your speech.

    I doubt that many people are so willing to dismiss summary punishment as
the consequences of free speech, but who knows?

    Another Fun_Person was spurred into action (while making a gender-based
assumption).  John C. Randolph <> said:

> If you can obtain the name of the High School principal who pulled this 
> dirty trick, I'd like to send him a letter.
> I'm always willing to tweak the nose of a jackbooted thug, or even the 
> genteel self-appointed guardians of public morals.
> This man should not be in charge of children, at least not in a free
> country.

    While another Fun_Person was inspired to provide pertinent information;
Jef Jaisun <> said:

> The story about Paul Kim was a Page One story in the Seattle P-I
> on May 23rd.
> For the record, the name of the Newport High School principal who 
> violated Kim's rights of free speech and due process is
> 		*** KARIN CATHEY ***.
> I'm sure she'd like to hear from you.

    The hard part is in trying not to trample everyone else's rights while
you're exercising/defending your own...

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