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14 Jun
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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 16:17:30 PDT
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Offbeat News -  From "Reason" magazine
     When Benazir Bhutto visited Washington D.C., earlier this year, she
was introduced to the Senate by Jesse Helms (R-N.C.).  Helms announced,
"The Foreign Relations Committee has had the honor of welcoming the
distinguished prime minister of India, and I wish to bring her to the
floor."  Helms then went on to tell his colleagues that he and Bhutto had
just completed "a delightful hour-and-a-half conversation" about India.
This all must have confused Bhutto, who is actually the prime minister of

     William Kuntsler, famous for defending unsympathetic high-profile
clients, has his limits.  Kuntsler ruled out representing Oklahoma City
bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh, claiming, "This crime is so evil, so
senseless, I wouldn't want to engage my talents in defending this client."
Besides, Kuntsler is a busy man:  He is currently representing the alleged
World Trade Center bombers.

     In 1992, James Nichols, the Michigan farmer who has been indicted as
one of McVeigh's co-conspirators, informed the government via the US
Postal Service that he no longer considered himself a citizen of either
Michigan or the United States.  In March 1995, he got back in touch with
the government, to complain that he was not getting all the farm aid he was
due.  According to U.S. News and World Report, Nichols received $89,950 in
farm subsidies over six years.  That made Nichols the fifth-largest
beneficiary of such aid in Sanilac County.

     Two second graders in Massachusetts's North Brookfield Elementary
School have been suspended for violating a school ban on "dangerous
weapons."  The two brought rubber Mighty Morphin Power Rangers swords to
class.  The pair spent their suspension time playing Nintendo games.  Said
one, "I've learned my lesson.  It would be fun to get kicked out for another

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