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15 Jun
Oregonian Ways

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 17:05:37 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Oregonian Ways

[As an ex-Oregonian, I can attest that the following story is not only true,
but that it happened to a friend of mine - actually, to a couple of friends of
mine.  Well, if you really want to know the truth, this happens all the time in
Oregon (better not say "Ory-Gone"...)  -psl]

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>From Tue Jun 13 09:47 PDT 1995
From: Rob Hawks <rhawks>
From: Nicholas Carey (B.E.S.T.) <>

An Oregonian, a Californian and a Texan were out camping.  They were lazing
around a campfire when the Texan pulled out a bottle of tequila and after
taking a couple of swallows, threw the bottle up in the air, pulled out his
six shooter and neatly shot the bottle.

The Californian noted that there was still some tequila left in the bottle,
but the Texan replied, "That's okay, we have plenty of tequila where I come

The Californian promptly brought out his bottle of White Zinfandel, took
two swallows, threw it up in the air and shot it with a 9mm semiautomatic
Glock pistol with a 15-shot clip, stating: "We have plenty of this where I
come from."

The Oregonian took all this in and finally opened a bottle of hand-crafted
english-style pub bitters from a Portland microbrewery.  He downed the
entire bottle, threw it up in the air, shot the Californian with a 12-gauge
shotgun he kept around for birds and deftly caught the bottle.

The Texan's jaw dropped nearly to his silver buckle and his eyes widened
nearly as wide as the buckle.  The Oregonian, momentarily puzzled at the
reaction, finally piped up:  "It's okay, we have plenty of Californians
where I come from, but I can get a nickel for this bottle!"

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