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22 Jun
Weirdness 382

Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 23:28:36 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Weirdness 382

[A surprising mix of the clueless and the clueful... -psl]

Excerpted-from:WEIRDNUZ.382 (News of the Weird, June 2, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* U. S. Rep. Don Young, speaking to high school student- constituents in
Fairbanks, Alaska, in April, said he was opposed to federal funding for any
art that portrayed people doing "offensive things."  Pressed for an example
by an inquisitive student, Young quickly answered (apparently referring to
the homoerotic art of the late Robert Mapplethorpe) with a 11-letter word
for anal intercourse.  He said later that his answer would have lacked
impact if he had used milder words. [AP wirecopy, 4-22-95]
[He's half-way there... -psl]

* The city council in Capao da Canoa, Brazil, voted in March to install
breathalyzer equipment at city hall, mainly because one member, Delci
Romano, habitually shows up drunk and demands to cast votes on issues not
on the agenda.  And Katia Nogueira Tapeti, a city councilmember in the state
of Piaui, was recently re-elected and is widely believed to be the most
popular politician in the state's history, despite the region's macho
culture and the fact that she is a transvestite living openly with her gay
husband.  [Houston Post-Reuter, 3-31-95] [San Francisco Examiner- Toronto
Globe & Mail, Apr95]

* During an April debate on government funding for abortions, Rep. Henry
Aldridge told the North Carolina House Appropriations Committee that rape
victims didn't need the fund because "they don't get pregnant."  "[P]eople
who are raped-- who are truly raped--the juices don't flow, the body
functions don't work," said the 71-year-old periodontist.  And in a Georgia
House judiciary committee meeting in March, Rep. Brian Joyce said he thought
marital rape should not be a crime, but that if the wife says, "I don't want
to have sex tonight," "[the husband] should take that into consideration."
[Great Falls Tribune-AP, 4- 21-95; Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3-8-95]

* Stripper Susy Diaz was elected to Congress in Peru after a campaign of
bumping and grinding public appearances, but she vowed to concentrate on
helping women, artists, and farmers.  [Los Angeles Times, 11-11-94] [San
Francisco Chronicle 4-25- 95]

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