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24 Jun
WhiteBoardness, 6/23/95

Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 12:19:02 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: WhiteBoardness, 6/23/95

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for June 23, 1995

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

It wasn't the "True Reward" AT&T customers had in mind.

AT&T Corporation in a mailing to 175,000 True Reward customers, mistakenly
provided the toll-free number to a sex chat line.

Callers expecting to reach an AT&T operator were greeted instead by a
sultry, breathy voice saying: "Are you ready to get naked? ... If you want
hard-core, uncensored, explicit sex now ... then come and take it!"

The number AT&T meant to provide allows customers to turn points earned in
long-distance service into free airline tickets and Disney merchandise.

But two digits were transposed in a printing error, yielding a number to a
$2.98-a-minute sex chat line operated by Los Angeles-based Amtec
Communications.  Callers are billed only after listening to the introduction
and entering a credit card number.

"People have been calling and expressing their dissatisfaction," said Donna
Alexander, an AT&T spokeswoman.  "We have apologized profusely because it's
not just the kind of mistake we usually make."

Not all callers went away mad.

Amtec customer service manager Jamie Black said she noticed an increase in
business, indicating some AT&T callers stayed on the line.

New York, New York:

Designer Stephen Sprouse, who is costume curator for the soon-to-open Rock
& Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, told Rolling Stone magazine that he has
ordered special mannequins, complete with private parts.

"It's a first in the fashion field," said New York Mannequin-maker Ralph

Sprouse's winning argument was that "rock 'n' roll is about sex."

There will be more than 90 dummies -- with every detail.

Fast News Forum:

Chicago's School Board President D. Sharon Grant has not paid income taxes
since 1977, and used phony names to hide $1 million, prosecutors say.
Grant, 45, says she forgot to file and it was a youthful mistake.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, police arrested James Warwick, 35, on charges of
indecent exposure -- walking his dog while naked.  The dog went to the

A 7-year-old in Colebrook, New Hampshire, was riding his bike to school when
he realized he would be late, so he stole a Ford Escort, police said.  The
owner had left the keys in the car.  Police stopped the boy as he drove.

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