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27 Jun
U. C. Search Committee Glossary

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 18:01:41 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: U. C. Search Committee Glossary

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From: the July issue of /Harper's Magazine/.

/ From a memorandum circulated to members of a search committee at the
University of California.  The committee was created to recommend a new dean of
the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences./

From: Ad Hoc Committee on Referee Rhetoric, Leo Braudy, Chair

Due to some confusion in interpreting the comments included in candidates'
letters of reference, we have put together a glossary of terminological
translation that we hope will help your deliberations.

bridge builder:  likes to compromise

charismatic:  no interest in any opinion but his own; gives frequent print
	and television interviews

committed to the university:  appears at every cocktail party

consults with faculty:  indecisive

doesn't suffer fools gladly:  rude and abrasive

intensely interested in graduate education:  hates teaching

intensely interested in undergraduate education:  has ceased to do her
	own scholarly work

internationally known:  likes to go to or run conferences

listens well:  has no ideas of his own

mover and shaker:  doesn't care what anybody else thinks; favors
	steamroller tactics

remarkably intelligent:  listens without yawning when I describe my
	latest article

straightforward:  blunt and insensitive

very solid in his field:  no administrative experience

visionary:  can't handle paperwork

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