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28 Jun
JOTD -- sloppy instructions

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 17:42:21 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: JOTD -- sloppy instructions

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Three guys are applying for a job with the CIA.  They get all the way to the
final test.

The first guy is called into the director's office.  The director reaches
into his desk, pulls out a pistol, and lays it on his desk in front of the
guy.  He says, "This is a test of your loyalty.  Take this gun, go up the
stairs, and into the room with your name on the door.  Your wife will be in
there.  Kill her."  The guy looks at him in shock, says, "No way." and walks
out of the room.

The next guy is called in and the director tells him the same thing.  The
guy picks up the gun and heads upstairs.  He comes back a few minutes later
and tells the director that he just couldn't go through with it.  The
director tells him that he has failed.

The third guy comes in, gets the same instructions, and heads upstairs with
the gun.  The director hears a shot, then two more shots, followed by the
sound of windows breaking and furniture smashing.  The guy finally comes
down with his clothes all torn up.  The director asks, "What the hell
happened to you?"

The guy replies, "After three shots I realized that blanks were making the
gun useless, so I had to choke her to death."

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