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29 Jun
Internet Index #8

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 15:29:09 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Internet Index #8

[In the past I've refrained from forwarding issues of The Internet Index to the
Fun_People list because I thought it missed the most important part of the
index that inspired it... the wry comparisons.  This issue (#8) does better on
that count, although there still are a few spots that feel like a straight line
waiting for the punch line... -psl]

From: Win Treese <>

                               The Internet Index
                                    Number 8
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                  29 June 1995

Venture capital invested in Internet companies,
	first quarter 1995: $47 million
Venture capital invested in Internet companies,
	all of 1994: $42 million

Number of PBS stations with WWW home pages: 25

Percentage increase, last week, in number of listings on
	Open Market's Commercial Sites Index: 7

Number of tennis Grand Slam tournaments on the World-Wide Web: 1

Telephone number for information about the National Information
	Infrastructure: 1-800-NII-8818

Authorized funding, in FY95, for the Agricultural Telecommunications
	Funding Program (US govt): $1.2 million

Number of subscribers on Apple Computer's eWorld online service: 80,000

Number of new Internet domains registered in British Columbia,
	May, 1995: 343
Number of new Internet domains registered in Manhattan,
	May, 1995: 340

Number of Internet access providers in Egypt: 4

Estimated average speed of traffic on I-5 in San Diego at 12:01 AM today: 68

Share price for Spyglass, Inc., initial public offering: $17

Percentage of Internet users using local access providers: 28

Number of subscribers to the Internet Index mailing list: 7290

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