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1 Jul
Administrivial Fun_Info

Date: Sat,  1 Jul 95 12:55:34 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Administrivial Fun_Info

Happy Summer!
    Be of stout heart, there is relief in sight...  I'm about to take off for a
week of music camp, so there will be a dip in the Fun_People traffic.  Enjoy it
while you can!  There will be three other, relatively Fun_Free weeks this
Summer, but only three, so don't waste them...  Plan a project to take up the
extra hours you will have each day; perhaps this is the time to write that
global weather forecasting program you've been needing, or maybe this would be
a convenient time to solve the problems of cheap energy generation, or sea
water desalination, or...  But remember, it's only a week, so be realistic.
    Meanwhile, the Fun_People Archive is up to date as of a few hours ago and,
as an extra bonus, I will tell you where it REALLY is...  When I said it was at
URL well, I was telling the truth,
but then a week later it moved and I failed to tell anyone.  My apologies.  It
is now at URL (and there's some
info at the old URL as well, for people who haven't read this -- not you!).
[UPDATE: now at  -psl 9/98]
    So that's all the Fun_Info.  Hope your life is wonderful; keep sending me
those interestingly funny and important items; keep your hand in, as it were
(Joycelyn Elders for President!); see you around one world or another...


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