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1 Jul
Spam Chronicles - The Continuing Saga Of Spam

Date: Sat,  1 Jul 95 13:08:44 PDT
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Subject: Spam Chronicles - The Continuing Saga Of Spam

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Spam Goes Hawaiian!

   HONOLULU (AP) -- Spam. It's not just for lunch anymore.
   The Hawaii State Farm Fair is challenging contestants to carve a farm
animal from the processed luncheon meat that comes out of a can in a
marbleized, pink block.
   Contestants will be given four cans of Spam, a plastic knife and 15
minutes to get creative.
   At 4.3 million cans a year, Hawaii residents consume more Spam than any
state, according to Hormel Foods of Austin, Minn.
   A no-respect luncheon meat for many, Spam is the star of delicacies such
as a Hawaiian variation of the Japanese staple musubi that contains a slab
of Spam on top of a block of rice and wrapped with seaweed. Locals call it
"ono" -- Hawaiian for delicious!
   No word yet on what the victorious sculptor wins.

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