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9 Jul
The OJ Competition

Date: Sun,  9 Jul 95 22:05:38 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: The  OJ  Competition

[Although this competition is interesting (albeit about the OJ circus), I find
the sponsoring organization more interesting... -psl]

From: (The Lim Bah Letter)


Question 1.) Do you think OJ will take the stand?   Yes/NO

         2.) IF he does take the stand, do you think he will break down
             and confess?   Yes/No

         3.) Do you think the defense will even attemp to put on a
             "defense"   Yes/No

         4.) Do you think OJ will walk either way (putting on a
             defense/or NOT putting on a defense)   Yes/No

         5.) IF Yes or No to #4: WHY?
                A.) Made the mistake of putting on a defense and DID testify
                B.) Because they did put on a defense and OJ did NOT testify
                C.) Did NOT put on any defense

         6.) IF OJ walks, how long do you think he will stay alive?
                A. Less than 30 seconds
                B. One day
                C. One week
                D. Other (write in your estimate)

         7.)    Who do you think will get to him first?
                A. Marsha Clark
                B. One of his own attorneys
                C. Ron Goldmans' father
                D. The Mafia who's got money on it
                E. Write in your choice:___________________

        8.)     Regardless of any of the above, do YOU think he is guilty?

        9.)     ESSAY  QUESTION 2500 WORDS OR LESS:

                Do you think that there is ANY possiblity he WAS set up
                and IF you do, do you think it was the police or
                somebody else and if so who,why & how?

                        SEND YOUR ANSWERS & ESSAY VIA SNAIL MAIL TO:
                                Attn. OJ Essay
                                The Lim Bah Letter
                                PROJECT  VOLUNTEER
                                43 State Street
                                Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania 16929-9759
        Include $1.00 if you can afford it, if not send anyway.


        The "Top Ten Most Interesting Answers to the Essay Question will
        be published in the The Lim Bah Letter and receive a cash award of
        ****$10.00**** from the publishers of The Lim Bah Letter

        Winners names will also be  posted in this news group. All entries
        become the property of The Lim Bah Letter for there exclusive use.

        The winners will be determined by the staff of The Lim Bah Letter
        who exercise sole discretion in judging the winning entries.

        Judging will be done on the following catagories:

        The MOST PROBABLE scenario essay.

        The WILDEST SCENARIO essay.

        Five from each catagory will be selected.

        The results of the poll will  also be posted in this news group.
        NOTE: Essays containing profanity or exotica are NOT welcome
        and will NOT be considered.

        The Lim Bah Letter

        GOOD LUCK!

        The Lim Bah Letter is published by:
        "The Finest Gift - Your Time"
        43 State Street
        Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania 16929-9759
        Phone, Fax, Modem: (717) 827-3402
        or oliver.tershansy@sbaonline,sba,gov

        PROJECT VOLUNTEER is a non profit organization entirely
        staffed by volunteers. We have NO paid employees.
        For a donation of $5.00 or more will receive as our thank you
        the next ten issues of The Lim Bah Letter via E-Mail, Fax,
        or Snail Mail.Indicate which you prefer and include relevant data.

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