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10 Jul
QOTD (for last Friday) - Maureen Dowd

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 95 17:52:30 PDT
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: QOTD (for last Friday) - Maureen Dowd

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  From Maureen Dowd's column on the editorial page, The New York Times,
	Thursday July 6th, 1995:

   Here they were, paying homage to persnickety New Hampshire conservatives
   and smiling under a scalding sun, the hope of the G.O.P.: Bob Dole, Phil
   Gramm, Pat Buchanan.  Bob Dornan was also there.

   It was the most extraordinary collection of adder-tongued talent that
   had ever been gathered together at a Republican repast, with the possible
   exception of when Richard Nixon dined alone.


   This is not morning in America. This is midnight inside the beltway.

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