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23 Aug
Seattle E-Mail Shorthand

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 12:15:55 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Seattle E-Mail Shorthand

Forwarded-by: George Osner <>
From: _The Seattle Times, Sunday, August 20, 1995.

	   Seattle Gets Own E-mail Shorthand
	By Jean Godden -- Times Staff Columnist

With electronic mail becoming more common-place, Internet newcomers are
discovering messages laced with the Net's own version of alphabet soup:
BTW for "by the way," IMHO for "in my humble opinion," FAQ for
"frequently asked questions."

Once novices get comfortable with these shortcuts, they probably will
want some only-in-Seattle versions.  KPLU's Greg Coe recently drew up a
list, among them:

        ABL, short for "another Boeing layoff."
        AMM, for "another Microsoft millionaire."
        BTBB:  "Bad traffic, both bridges."
        CBC:  "Catered by Costco."
        HONPR:  "Heard on National Public Radio."
        LLL:  "Looks like lutefisk."
        MBFC:  "Must be from California."
        MBFF:  "Must be from Fremont."
        RLNJW:  "Real locals never jaywalk."
        SSBB:  "Seattle sushi, Ballard bait."
        TMOT:  "The mountain's out today."
        WONE:  "Was on Northern Exposure."
        YAPP:  "Yet another Patches Pal."

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