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31 Aug
Everybody's doin it!

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95 13:02:46 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Everybody's doin it!

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From: Mark Dantche
Subject: Procter and Gamble has Diarrhea that is.

Early in August, Procter and Gamble starting registering most of their
trademarked product names as commercial domains.  In the last two weeks they
moved onto ailments (, afflictions ( and body
parts (

You can get the complete list via

Alternatively, just think of a common malady and do a "whois".

Please P&G!!! Do not put up a graphically intensive site.

[According the above URL, during early August Kraft registered  133 names
 including Velveeta and Sanka; P&G grabbged Luvs and Metamucil; then Kraft
 started doing things like `', `' and P&G started
 grabbing ailments, afflications and body parts. -Pardo]

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