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7 Sep
WhiteBoardness 9/6/95

Date: Thu, 7 Sep 95 13:33:17 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: WhiteBoardness 9/6/95

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for September 06, 1995

Hollywood, California:

Leonard Nimoy is keeping his hand in science fiction by doing his best to
be illogical.

Nimoy is executive producer and sometimes director of "Deadly Games" a new
UPN series.

Nimoy, best known for playing the pointy-eared and logical Mr. Spock on
"Star Trek," doesn't often refer to those days when he's directing "Deadly
Games," but sometimes he slips up said series star James Calvert.

"At one point he wanted (actress) Cynthia (Gibb) to go around something,"
Calvert said.  "And he stopped and he said 'Oh, I guess that's not logical.'
And then he went -- 'Oh!  I mean, I mean correct!  I mean, uh...' and
everyone was just howling."

Berkley, California:

Two escapees from a Utah prison blew their cover by breaking an unwritten
local law on acceptable nicknames for San Francisco.

Anthony Scott Bailey and Eric Neil Fischbeck both said they were from
"Frisco" when questioned by University of California officers who found them
sleeping on campus Monday.

Use of the name -- loved by tourists but loathed by residents -- set off
the alarm bells that their prison break didn't.

"No one from here ever says that," campus police Sergeant David Eubanks

Pressed further about which schools they attended, one said he couldn't
remember and the other said he never went to school.

When one provided two alternate spellings for his purported last name,
officers took them in, fingerprinted them and discovered their true,
fugitive status.

Bailey, 27, and Fischbeck, 21, had escaped Saturday by crawling under a
fence at a minimum-security prison in Bluffdale, Utah.  Both were serving
time for burglary and Bailey was serving a sentence for drug possession.

Four months away from parole, they now face up to 15 more years for
escaping, authorities said.

"Anybody who escapes with that little time left can't be very smart," Utah
corrections spokesman Jack Ford said.

"That's the last time I'm going to cook in the nude."

	-- Robin Byrd, cable television host after accidently
	burning her mammaries in a baking pan.

["In" a baking pan?   -psl]

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