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Operating Thetan Summary and Analysis

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Operating Thetan Summary and Analysis
1st edition
Copyright 1995 by Michael Robinson (all rights reserved)
This document may be reproduced and distributed for non-commercial
educational purposes.


In early August, 1995, an electronic version of the document known as the
Fishman Declaration became widely available on the Internet.  Because
this court record contained information jealously guarded by
Scientology(tm) organizations, it became the immediate focus of a great
deal of interest and controversy.

This information consisted of course materials written by L. Ron Hubbard
for a program to transform an individual into a Being with super-human
powers, known as an Operating Thetan, or OT.  A multitude of people have
obtained copies of this material, because of the controversy it has
engendered, and the number of very important related issues that have
been raised.

However, to a person who has not been trained in the communications
technology of Scientology(tm), L. Ron Hubbard's style of writing may seem
poorly structured, tedious, repetitive, and generally unpleasant to
read.  As a result, many persons who have obtained copies have found
themselves unable to persevere through the entire material.

I have created this summary and analysis of the OT materials to aid
precisely those persons who feel it is important to keep apprised of the
issues in this controversy, but have found the OT materials themselves
too burdensome.  I have restructured much of the material for content,
rather than process.  I have eliminated a large amount of redundant and
uninteresting material.  And, finally, I have rewritten the material in
a style which I hope is more conducive to casual reading.

My hope for this Summary and Analysis is that unindoctrinated readers
will be able to get a grasp of all the salient content of the OT
materials, and will thus be able to arrive at a more informed opinion
of relevant controversies.

I welcome any comments or suggestions for future editions.  I request
that any excerpts of this work be attributed, and retain the copyright
notice.  Thank you for your cooperation.

                                        Michael Robinson

Operating Thetan Level One

The first level of the Operating Thetan series actually contains three
separate exercises issued by L. Ron Hubbard at various times.
Curiously, Level One appears to become less ambitious in scope over

The original Level One requires that one locate every overt and
motivator lifetime for the previous 3000 years, as well as the
"postulate" for each, with the use of an E-Meter.  A detailed chart
including dates, identities, etc. is plotted for the entire 3000 years.

The second version of Level One starts with the entire 15 steps of
Route I from "Creation of Human Ability".  After the entire lifetime is
scanned out to a floating needle, the pre-OT practices creating and
dissipating a reactive mind by use of the postulate "I have mass".

The final version of Level One consists of nothing other than "running"
the command "Spot a Person" until "cognition".  This is to be done

It is not clear what relation, if any, there is between the original and
final version of Level One.

Operating Thetan Level Two

(A note is prepended indicating that Level Two is to be performed
in accordance with the instructions in the Clearing Course Instruction

The purpose of Level Two is to run ten complete whole track tables,
each containing a set of GPM (Goals Problems Mass).  Each set is
run separately.

The GPM found in each set are as follows:  ELECTRICAL, TOCKY, BIG
COMMAND, LOWER LP, LP, and BODY GPM.  In addition to these GPM, there
are a number of Implant Incidents which have no line plot, as follows:

The GPM in these "whole track tables" are supposedly the residual mass
of incidents that happened untold numbers of lifetimes ago to the
individual's immortal "thetan".  Approximate dates for each of the
incidents are provided, although some, such as "about trillions 214th
Power years ago" for the BASIC BASIC GPM, challenge credulity

The version of Level Two reproduced in the Fishman Declaration is
incomplete.  A summary of the available GPM follows:


The purpose of the ELECTRICAL GPM was to "CONVINCE a thetan he should
think of himself as an electrical being".  Thus, the end word of the
permutation is not a word, but a shock.  The permutation for the
ELECTRICAL GPM is as follows:

   | Create  |  |    (shock) |
   | Destroy |  | no (shock) |
   | Love    |
   | Hate    |
   | Be      |
   | Disown  |
   | Use     |
   | Condemn |
   | Seize   |
   | Escape  |


In the TOCKY GPM, there is a swing of "Sun" from left to right which
gives a read after each item.  The permutation for the TOCKY GPM is
as follows:

   | Create   |   |    Sun Swing |
   | Abide    |   | no Sun Swing |
   | Enjoy    |
   | Welcome  |
   | Share    |
   | Keep     |
   | Hold     |
   | Exploit  |
   | Deplore  |
   | Skip     |
   | Continue |
   | Forget   |

Also included are the following two cryptic commands:

   "That's what you get for making this Universe."
   "Get Out-"

No explanation is given for what is "that", who exactly is "you",
which universe is "this Universe", nor exactly "out" of what or where
one is to get.  Either it is expected that all these ambiguities will
be clarified at the time one runs this GPM, or that the ambiguities
are irrelevant, and it is sufficient simply to run the GPM without
this information.


The BIG BEING GPM is associated with the image of an explosion and
the subsequent appearance of a BIG BEING (thus the name) in the sky.

The permutation for the BIG BEING GPM is as follows:

  | You  |  | Must      |  | Survive |
  | He   |  | Mustn't   |
  | They |  | Should    |
  | We   |  | Shouldn't |
  | All  |  | Can       |
            | Can't     |

This is followed by another explosion.


The only identification of this GPM is the possible appearance of a
house or internal room.


In the space of 1/10th of a second, an image appears of two back-to-back
targets, the front white, and the back black, with an arrow centered on
each of the targets (the two arrows thus aimed at each other).


The figure of a woman appears for a few hours.  Nothing else.


An image of a sphere and a pole, black in front, white in back.


For 1 1/8 seconds an image appears of a split pole, cold in front, hot
in back.


For 7 1/8ths of a second, in a cave, screams of very wild laughter come
from the rear (then front) of a split pole, while calm ("a frozen
numbness") comes from the front (then rear), giving a sensation of total

"The trick is to conceive of both at the same time."


In the incident proper, one is stuck on a pole and trying to get off it.
After this, a chanting mob dances around.  The Pre-OT is supposed to get
the phrases the mob chants while running this incident.

However, the duration is only 7/8ths of a second, so it is not clear how
much of the chanting the Pre-OT will be able to "get".


A long shiny black rod moves from left to right, develops a split in the
middle, becoming a white rod revolving forward and a black rod revolving
backward.  Both rods then disappear forward and up.

According to L. Ron Hubbard:

"There is a tremendous feeling of EXCITEMENT attached to this incident.
It has a sort of feeling attached to it as if it was being squashed
between the two revolving rods."


This is actually a series of 5 GPM's consisting of explosions inside
ones head, "where the Thetan is."


Contained in the lower bank are 48 pairs (of which 8 are found in the
Fishman Declaration).  All 48 affirmative items are first run, then the
negative items, than each pair together.  The pair schematic is as

   Affirmative:  To build a _______ingness machine.
   Negative:     Not to _______ yourself.

The eight listed items are:  postulate, think, ideanize (ideafyingness),
reason, solve, order, space, and time.

Operating Thetan Level Three

Level Three is the most widely known of the Operating Thetan levels.
The purpose of this level is to free the body of hundreds of body
thetans by clearing the "Xenu" implants.

75,000,000 years ago, Xenu, the head of the then 20,000,000 million-
year-old Galactic Federation used renegades to remove "people" from the
76 planets of the Federation in order to alleviate overpopulation.
These people were frozen, brought to Earth (then called Teegeeack),
placed near volcanoes, exploded with H-bombs, subjected to 36 days of
picture implants, and then transported to Hawaii or Las Palmas for

After these events, officers loyal to the people waged a six-year
campaign against Xenu, ultimately capturing and imprisoning him in "an
electronic mountain trap," where he remains.  The Confederation,
however, never recovered from the brutality of this conflict, and has
since become a "desert."

According to L. Ron Hubbard:  "Various misleading data by means of
circuits etc. was placed in the implants."

Furthermore, this implant was designed to kill ("by pneumonia, etc")
persons attempting to solve it.  However, L. Ron Hubbard claimed his
tech enabled a person to avoid this danger, and thus he became the first
person in 75,000,000 years to obtain this information without dying.

According to L. Ron Hubbard:

   "The pictures contain God, the Devil, angels, space opera,
    theaters, helicopters, a constant spinning, a spinning dancer,
    trains and various scenes very like modern England.  You name it,
    it's in this implant"

Central to Level Three is the issue of body thetans.  Body thetans are
nothing more than normal disembodied thetans that stick to a human body
in a cluster.  The basis for a cluster is as follows:  at some point
any given thetan had an initial contact (collision, etc) with another
thetan.  The actual duration of contact was brief, but because of the
trauma of contact and withdraw, a permanent picture of the contact is
formed, thus leading thetans to a belief in permanent contact.
Subsequent trauma can cause thetans to "cluster" together in an illusory
permanent bond.  As each thetan in a cluster is a full-fledged thetan,
and thus responds to normal auditing procedure, clusters may be
disassembled one thetan at a time by running the initial "contact"
picture, and clearing the belief in permanent contact.

Once a thetan has been freed from a cluster, it simply wanders off to
start an independent existence as an ordinary thetan.

Which brings us back to the Xenu incident.  Hundreds of billions of
thetans were captured, frozen, shipped, exploded, implanted,
transported, and boxed on Teegeeack 75,000,000 years ago.  The trauma of
this episode caused them to bond together in large clusters that are at
this moment attached to every human on Earth (with the exception of
those who have passed OT III).  Each and every one of these hundreds of
body thetans needs to be audited and "cleaned off" the human body

   "Body thetans just hold one back."

However, the Xenu incident (Incident II) was not the first traumatic
incident of this sort.  Much earlier ("about 4 quadrillion years ago
plus or minus") Incident I occurred to all thetans in the Universe.  The
details of this incident are rather sparse.  L. Ron Hubbard describes it
as follows:


To get rid of a single thetan, the Pre-OT must locate it, isolate it,
and run Incident I, Incident II, and perhaps the original contact
picture on it.  This is a tedious and challenging task fraught with
difficulties.  Only those who have blown off sufficient charge in
previous auditing have the awareness required to tease out and
selectively audit individual thetans in a cluster.  Even then, it's not
easy.  The overwhelming bulk of Level Three material is an extensive
list of different situations that can arise in auditing BT clusters, and
directions for dealing with these situations.

The ultimate aim of this process is the ability to "accomplish full
stable exteriorization" with full perception.  As L. Ron Hubbard puts

   "OT III is a vital grade.  One fronts up to it and does it.  When
    he is really done, the rewards of OT III and IV exceed his wildest

Operating Thetan Level Four

The purpose of Level Four is to render a Being immune to further
implantation.  If a Being has no fear of future reimplantation, the
result is "Certainty of Self as a Being".

The Pre-OT accomplishes this by systematically recreating ("mocking up")
each implant previously dealt with in the entire Clearing Course, then
ceasing the recreation, and blowing the charge associated with the
mocked up implant.  This exercise convinces the Pre-OT that they are at
cause over, and can confront implants.

Prior to attesting to OT IV, however, the Pre-OT must add up and
scan out all previous auditing (coming up with a total number of hours),
and then "find and run a havingness process".

Operating Thetan Level Five

Level Five purports to allow one to "Gain Freedom from Fixated
Introversion into MEST".  On this Level, the Pre-OT learns nothing less
than the exact "truth about the Physical Universe, not the laws of
physical scientists, but the basic considerations about Matter, Energy,
Space and Time."  The Pre-OT obtains the added bonus of becoming free of
MEST laws, as well as the encumbrance that "the mind and body" place on
communication with the environment.

The first step of Level Five involves solo auditing (with eyes closed)
commands from the following permutation:

   | Spot |  | a spot    |  | in the room  |
             | two spots |  | in your body |
                            | outside      |
                            | on the sun   |

Next, the following steps are repeated "until major cognition, very good
indicators or exteriorization occurs":

        Spot an object in the room.
        Spot an object outside.
        Locate a moving object.
        Locate a spot in your body.
        Spot a motion.
        Locate a space.
        Spot a Thetan.

The final section consists of eight outdoor exercises, each done until
cognition.  For example:

   "1.  The pre-OT is to put his attention on an object that is ahead
    of him like a parked car, lamp post, etc. and walk towards it
    noticing the distance between him and it.  He is to continue to do
    this until cognition."


   "2.  Next the pre-OT is to again pick out an object ahead of him
    and wrap in energy beam around it and himself and pull himself
    toward the object with shortening of the beam."

And that's all.  At this point, the Pre-OT can attest to "Cause Over

Operating Thetan Level Six

Level Six consists of a series of exercises which are ideally performed
until the Pre-OT simultaneously achieves a floating needle, major
cognition, and regained ability.

These exercises include, among others:

   "Be  Three feet in back of your head.  Whatever you are looking at,
    copy it a dozen times, put it into you.  Find the two back corners
    of the room and hold onto them without thinking for two minutes."

   "Find two corners of the planet Earth, hold onto them for two

   "Find a person in a distant land.  Notice the time of  day.  Notice
    the terrain.  Notice the general environment.  Smell the air.
    Locate a thought that is his.  Locate a thought that is yours."

   "Create in your body a feeling of calmness;  create in your body
    sexual desire and turn it off.  Continue that step until you feel
    you have control over the sexual drives."

It is worth noting that one of the abilities to be regained in Level Six
is the ability to travel at will in an exteriorized state, and see the
sights and read the thoughts in another place.  This ability would be
extraordinarily useful in obtaining key intelligence information about
criminal conspiracies, but curiously, there is no evidence that this
ever actually occurs.

Operating Thetan Level Seven

The goal of Level Seven is the ability to "easily place an intention
into or on a Being and/or a body."  Level Seven is organized into seven
sections which constitute a thorough rundown on "intention" and related

The first section, "Basic Processes Set-up," covers the basics of
intention, including a "very thorough" word-clear on "intention".

Other items include:

   What are you willing to cause?
   Decide something.
   What isn't a clear intention.
   Invent (mock-up) some intentions.

There are also numerous permutations of themes such as:

   Tell me a thought/intention others would be willing to
     receive from others.
   What intention of yours has another not helped?
   What intention of others could you confront?
   What intention of yours could you be responsible for?
   Get the idea I cannot place an intention.

One of the more unusual commands in the first section is, "Give me an
unknown datum."  It is not clear whether or not this should be given the
interpretation which leads to logical paradox.

Section two, "L&N Intention Process" requires an L&N on the item from
the following list with the biggest read:

   Has an intention been....
   Suppressed                       Forgotten
   Invalidated                      Hidden
   Blunted                          Avoided
   Abandoned                        Altered
   Denied                           Twisted
   Enforced                         Changed
   Desired                          Completed
   Decided                          Made Wrong

Section three, "Placing thoughts and intentions" consists of a number of
exercises, of which the following is most salient:

   Think a thought.
   Creatively place that thought in/on that.  (Indicated object.)
   Now creatively get that (indicated object) thinking that thought.
   Creatively have that (indicated object) continue thinking that
   Creatively have that (indicated object) cease thinking that thought.

Section four, "Outside Processes with an auditor (objects)", involves
exercises (conducted outside) to place thoughts and decisions into an

Section five, "Outside Processes with an Auditor (people)", involves
exercises similar to section four, but with people, including:

   Postulate perfection into that person.
   Tell me something you wouldn't mind that person not-knowing about

Section six, "Inside Processes solo", consists of a mix of exercises
performed on an E-meter, such as:

   What confusion could you create?

   Mock-up your (father, wife, mother, husband).
   Mock him (her) up again.
   Dispose of these mock-ups.

   How could another appreciate another as a human Being.

The Pre-OT is then required to "Find and run a havingness process on

Section seven, "Outside Processes solo", contains several exercises
related to knowing about, intending, etc., random people (in a place
with "lots of people").  The final exercises of this section (and, thus,
of Level Seven) have become rather well known:

   1.  Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them
   individually until you know they received your communication.
   2.  Go to a zoo or a place with many types of life and communicate
   with each of them until you know the communication is received
   and, if possible, returned.
   Go out to a park, train station or other busy area.  Practice
   placing an intention into individuals until you can successfully
   and easily place an intention into or on a Being and/or a body.

At this point, the Pre-OT can attest to OT VII.

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