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21 Sep
From the frontiers of hot cuisine...

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 20:07:33 -0700
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Subject: From the frontiers of hot cuisine...

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Back in 1991 I had the pleasure of going to Bangkok for a medical
technology conference, after which, my boss and I travelled up north to
Chiang Mai for a few days. While we were there we accidentally stumbled
across a local food festival, involving the greatest "Larp" (?sp)
preparers from Chiang Mai Province. One thing that struck us was that we
were the only western people there, other than a kiwi by the name of

Anyway, John and I were adopted by one team and we stood by, playing
traditional musical instruments as our preparer belted a couple of water
buffalo steaks, a bag of clotted blood, some intestine and far more
chillies than is compatible with life (you listening Terry?) with a pair
of machetes. They also plied us with Mekong whiskey, which I wouldn't
recommend even as an antiseptic. The next hour or so was a little blurry,
but John got to chat with Miss Thailand (who was judging) and I got to
talk with the police commissioner's wife and finally our team presented
us with the finished product -- exceedingly nice -- basically a mince dish
so hot you had to shovel sticky rice down you throat or die within

Our preparer was pleased with our reaction to it and told us that most
western people steered clear of this dish because it wasn't cooked.  We,
a pair of paranoid parasitologists, had been eating raw water buffalo in

Still, it tasted  reeeeeeal good.


By the way, our team won.

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