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28 Sep
WhiteBoardness 9/27/95

Date: Thu, 28 Sep 95 12:39:38 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: WhiteBoardness 9/27/95

[Three illustrations of how far we've come...

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for September 27, 1995

Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Millions of personal pagers across the country were rendered useless Tuesday
when a computer operator inadvertently sent out a command that turned off
thousands of satellite receivers.

Space Com, a Tulsa-based satellite transmission service, had to manually
reprogram the receivers one by one.

Space Com has contracts with five of the 10 largest paging companies.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

College peek-a-boo?

The University of Alabama placed a sheet over a statue that has both male
and female sexual features.

Officials put a notice on the artwork -- in an exhibit that runs through
October 6 at the student center -- that says it is "inappropriate for

That has not stopped people from lifting the sheet and peeking underneath.

Columbia, South Carolina:

A judge refused to let a female lawyer enter a plea for her client because
she was wearing pants.

"If a man were to come to court without a tie, I'd ask him to put on a tie,"
Circuit Judge Joseph Wilson said after calling off Monday's hearing.

Heather Smith's client will have to enter her plea at a later date.

Rules that used to specify what was considered appropriate courtroom attire
no longer exist.  Judges have the power to control their courtrooms and
differ in what they think shows disrespect.

"As long as people are neat and clean...I don't think it should make a lot
of difference," said Lee Robinson, president of the Charleston County Bar
Association.  "It's kind of a silly issue."

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