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17 Oct
Our Political System At Work

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Subject: Our Political System At Work

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We went and found three inconsequential bills that Shapard had voted
against in the Georgia Senate-bills that were so badly drawn that nobody
in their right mind would have voted for them.  One was to cut taxes. It
was a horrible bill, and she voted against it. So I conceived this ad --
it was a spotlight shining on a white piece of paper. A male arm comes
out in a pinstriped suit, obviously somebody that you can believe and
trust, and lays down this Senate bill. And a voice-over says, 'Virginia
Shapard had a chance to cut your taxes. She knows how she voted; she only
hopes you don't.' And then we got this fat arm -- Virginia Shapard was a
little on the hefty side with an iron bracelet that looked like it
belonged to Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, and this big fat hand came out and
stamped a big 'No' in the middle of the bill. We slaughtered her with that
ad. And it was really unfair.

	- L.H. (Kip) Carter, Gingrich's campaign treasurer from December
	  1974 through 1978 as quoted in a 1984 Mother Jones article by
	  David Osborne (

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