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18 Oct
Techno-Gershwin Revealed

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 95 10:43:23 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Techno-Gershwin Revealed

Forwarded-by: (Keith Bostic)

Many people don't know that the great American composer George Gershwin
loved computers. But his brother, Ira, hated them. That is why Ira took
all of George's songs and changed the titles and words. The original
titles include:

	I Got Algorithm

	They Can't Take That Array  From Me

	I Got Plenty O' Debuggin'

	The Mainframe I Love

	A Foggy Database

	Our Love is Here to Stack


and, of course, the all-time classic:

	Rhapsody in Boolean

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