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21 Oct
MEEMOTD - Most Embarrassing E-Moment Of The Day

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 95 01:33:56 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: MEEMOTD - Most Embarrassing E-Moment Of The Day

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An article by Brian McGrory entitled "E-mail as evidence" in *The Boston
Globe*, 19 Oct 1995, p.1, (the article discusses this and also the issues
about companies' right to read employee E-mail) had the following anecdote,
which seems made for RISKS:

  ... A high-level executive with a Manhattan health company had a new
  technology that allows users to tape themselves with a tiny camera built
  into their monitor, send it through the system, and have it appear on
  the recipient's screen as a talking, moving image [sounds like a
  Connectix camera on a Macintosh to me].
     One night, arriving at her hotel, she flipped open her portable
  computer and began recording such a message.  Sitting before her laptop
  in the privacy of her room, she teasingly disrobed, performed what a
  corporate lawyer later would describe as a "shimmy," and purred to the
  intended recipient, a fellow married colleague, "Hurry to the hotel and
  here's what you get tonight."
     Problem is, she struck the wrong button on her computer, and the
  video flashed on the screens of more than 400 employees throughout her
  health company -- subordinates, bosses and people who had never met her

The article goes on to describe how bootlegged copies of the message were
distributed around the company, and appeared on floppy disks sold at
computer fairs.

And I thought Oliver North had set the record for embarrassing E-mail

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