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23 Oct
Potluck Update

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 15:29:29 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Potluck Update

Here's part of a letter from Sandy outlining the current state of
her radio show "Potluck"

> From: (Sandy Bradley)

> It's working!          Potluck lives on! Live shows begin again October 28,
> 1995, even as KUOW is re-running a retrospective of our last eleven seasons.

> I am putting together a network of public radio stations to carry the show,
> underwriters, venues, etc., and so far I haven't been able to get anything
> but YES! for an answer.

> The Museum of History and Industry is eager to be our permanent home, and
> is being very supportive. We will be there most of the time, except for
> football saturdays, which we will spend at the beautiful Everett Center for
> Performing Arts.

> Musical chairs:  you can't get a station until you havea sponsor, can't
> have a sponsor unless you have a venue, can't have a venue unless you have
> an audience, can't have an audience unless you have a station......etc. But
> amazingly enough, all these things are getting put together.

As it stands, the near-future schedule is:

Oct 28	Open the New Center House at the SEATTLE CENTER -- it's FREE!!
	The kickoff of the new season, and new hopes.

Nov 4	Everett Center For Performing Arts
	Laura Love

Nov 11	Museum of History and Industry
	Mike Seeger and the Volunteer Park Conservatory Orch

Nov 18	Everett Center For Performing Arts
	Brass [?]

Nov 25	Museum of History and Industry
	co-hosted by Choreographer Mark Morris

For ticket info, call (206) 259-8888
For further updates, call (206) 292-1031, (a recorded message).

***  This is the time when Sandy has to prove that the show has an audience
***  independent of the radio station...  You can make a difference!

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