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23 Oct
Interesting items dfitzpat found in the LA Times - 10/23/95

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 95 15:56:17 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Interesting items dfitzpat found in the LA Times - 10/23/95

Forwarded-by: (Keith Bostic)

NBC threatened to sue the Gramm campaign last week for its unauthorized use
of a "Meet the Press" video clip. The clip showed footage of Bob Dole
doubting Gramm's claim that the deficit could be wiped out within four
years.  The response from Gramm's people?  "The American people have a right
to hear Bob Dole say he cannot balance the budget."  (LA Times)

A "PrimeTime Live" crew was in Garfield County, Montana to do a story about
the growing militia movement in this country.  In the process, the crew was
held up at gunpoint by members of a militia group which calls itself "The
Freemen."  The members stole over $60,000 in camera equipment and gear.
The Freemen, were already wanted for harboring fugitives for crimes
including tax evasion, conspiracy and bank fraud.  You'll be able to see
the holdup yourself in an upcoming PTL.

[I agree that "The Freemen" has a much nicer ring to it than "The Armed  
Robbers" and, for that matter, "PrimeTime Live" sounds lots nicer than  
"Sensationalist Journalists Trying To Tempt Crazy People Into Doing Something  
Really Outrageous."  -psl]

As Congress began putting the finishing touches on a major telecommunications
bill, many consumer groups and long distance carriers complained last week
that Turner Broadcasting Systems (which owns CNN and other cable programs)
was stifling public debate by refusing to air a television advertisement
that criticizes the legislation.  The commercial was to have started airing
last week on CNN for a three week run said MCI spokesman Robert Stewart.
CNN spokesman Steve Haworth said that under a new policy, CNN will not air
any advocacy ads on the telecommunications bills.  "TBS has an interest in
the telecommunications bills pending, and TBS has been reporting on the
bills," the company said.  (LA Times)

[Well, it's certainly a relief that TBS has it covered  -bostic]

A management memo written to Disneyland Hotel workers (who compete in
departmental costume contests every Halloween) reminds them to "conduct your
work duties without SPOOKING the guests."  The memo continues, "Please avoid
costumes that could be perceived as grotesque, frightening, racist,
political or revealing."  And, in an effort not to forget the legal
department, they thought it best to add, "Also to be avoided are costumes
that represent Disney characters."  (Steve Harvey's, Only in L.A. column
in the LA Times)

[Isn't that a little redundant?  -psl]

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