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27 Oct
WhiteBoardness 10/27/95 - whipping in Belfast & testosterone in Atlanta

Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 23:48:43 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: WhiteBoardness 10/27/95 - whipping in Belfast & testosterone in Atlanta

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for October 27, 1995

This item comes by way of Paul Falstad:

[Every once in a while I encounter a phrase or sentence that says something  
fairly elaborate in just a few words.  "I'm straight but not narrow" is one  
such phrase, and the last sentence of this article is another... -psl]

Belfast, Northern Ireland:

Whipped potatoes, OK.  Whipped diners, no way.

A Belfast judge has rejected plans for a new restaurant featuring waitresses
dressed as English schoolgirls -- albeit wearing short skirts and black-lace
stockings, toting whips.

Judge John Higgins ruled Wednesday that restaurateur Tommy Alexander's plans
to open School Dinners eatery in downtown Belfast, would violate the lease
by providing entertainment.

The entertainment: waitresses whipping patrons' rears in mock punishment if
they don't clean their plates.

"I'm sure the decent people of Belfast will be glad.  We don't want immoral
things in our city," said the Reverend Eric Smyth, a Free Presbyterian
minister who is Lord Mayor of Belfast.

"This is not fun; this is filth."

"Our lord mayor's a fuddy-duddy," said city councilman Sandy Blair.  "He
may well have a dirty mind, too, but he ought to get a sense of humor to go
with it."

Atlanta, Georgia:

The thrill of victory, The agony of defeat.
The surge of manly testosterone.

They're all related, scientists say.  Like male monkeys, male humans
increase their testosterone levels when they win a battle, and decrease
those hormone levels when they lose.

Researchers from Georgia State University tested this theory during the
final 1994 World Cup soccer game between Brazil and Italy.

Saliva samples were collected from Brazilian and Italian fans in two
different Atlanta sports bars  The results were startling: Testosterone
increased 28 percent for fans of the winning team (Brazil), while the
Italian fans' levels dropped 27 percent.

"The Italians were disheartened by the loss," researchers reported.  "One
sample was red with blood...The subject returning this sample explained to
the experimenter, 'Saliva Girl, it's my heart that is bleeding.'"

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