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31 Oct
The Funeral - All we had to do ...

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 95 17:55:55 -0800
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Subject: The Funeral - All we had to do ...

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The widow takes a look at her dear departed one right before the funeral
and, to her horror, finds that he's in his brown suit.  She'd specifically
said to the undertaker that she wanted him buried in his blue suit; she'd
brought it especially for that occasion, and she was distressed that the
mortician had left him in the same brown suit he'd been wearing when the
lightning bolt hit him.  She demanded that the corpse be changed into the
blue suit she'd brought especially for that purpose.  The undertaker said,
"But madam!  It's only a minute or two until the funeral is scheduled to
begin!  We can't possibly take him out and get him changed in that amount
of time.

The lady said, "Who's paying for this?"

Seeing the logic to this argument, a very reluctant mortician wheeled the
coffin out, but then wheeled it right back in a moment later.  Miraculously,
the corpse was in a blue suit.

After the ceremony, a well-satisfied widow complimented the undertaker on
the smooth and speedy service.  She especially wanted to know how he'd been
able to get her husband into a blue suit so fast.

The funeral director said, "Oh, it was easy.  It happens that there was
another body in the back room and he was already dressed in a blue suit.
All we had to do was switch heads."

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