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2 Nov
Sympathy for the Devil

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 95 14:21:52 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Sympathy for the Devil

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Told to me by my brother, a Wall Street lawyer:

A fifth year associate at a Wall Street law firm [which shall remain
nameless ... oh, okay, ... it's Millbank Tweed.  -psl] was toiling at his
office one midnight, when who should appear before him but Satan.  "I
understand you'd give anything to make partner," said the devil, "so I've
come here to make you an offer."

The lawyer, knowing full well the craftiness of the devil, said with not a
little suspicion, "Go on, I'm listening."

"Well," said Satan, "I'll make you a partner, but in return I want your soul
damned to the depths of hell.  And along with yours, I want your wife's,
your childrens', your grandchildrens', your great-grand- childrens', your
great-great-grandchildrens', and so on, for eternity."

After considering the proposal for a moment, the lawyer replied with
suspicion, "What's the catch?"

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