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Weirdness #401 - 13Oct95

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Subject: Weirdness #401 - 13Oct95

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.401 (News of the Weird, October 13, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In an August story on improvements to the Seattle, Wash., waste treatment
plant, the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce reported on the Vancouver firm
that manufactures the hard-shell diving suits used by the "pilots" who jump
into the tanks and monitor effluent flow.  The suits provide air for up to
48 hours, contain voice and video connections to the surface, and have
thrusters for propulsion throughout the sewage.  The longstanding brand name
of the diving suit is The Newtsuit.  (Republicans should relax; the suit is
named after the firm's founder, Phil Nuytten.) [Seattle Daily Journal of
Commerce, 4-29-95]

* Charles McFarling, 39, cited by police in Indianapolis in June in a
traffic collision that killed a woman in another car, said he ran the red
light because he was thinking too intensely about material he had learned
the day before in a defensive-driving course. [Indianapolis Star, 6-7-95]

* Police in Collinsville, Ill., arrested Earl Templeton, 38, and charged
him with passing three counterfeit $100 bills.  According to police,
Templeton said he was not trying to enrich himself but rather to stimulate
the economy. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 6-17- 95]

* In May, Dorothy Diane Rose, who is in a halfway house in Tampa, Fla., the
result of a 1990 trial in which she was found not guilty by reason of
insanity for strangling her two toddlers, petitioned her judge in Tampa,
Fla., to be released because she has a job lined up.  According to a
counselor, a local couple wants to hire her as a babysitter. [Tampa Tribune,

* In Sonora, Calif., in August, former U. S. Forest Service employee Gary
Gunderson, 43, was convicted of theft of what prosecutors said were
"truckloads" of items of government property.  Gunderson said he might have
borrowed a few things but that because he suffers from Usher's syndrome,
which he said causes visual impairment, he wasn't able to see well enough
to realize that he had a lot more stuff than he thought. [Sacramento Bee-AP,

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