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9 Nov
A Petition (with a complete forwarding path)

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 95 11:59:17 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: A Petition (with a complete forwarding path)

Just add your name to the end of this numbered list and forward on to as many
people as possible.  (Do not reply to sender )

Subject: Stop (French) Nuclear Tests

1 SHIMIZU Seishi Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
2 Yuichi Nishihara Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
3 Hirohisa TANIGUCHI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
4 Takashi Tomoeda Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
5 Tomoki KOBAYASHI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
6 Munehito ARAI Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
7 Akira Okazaki Physics,University of Tokyo,Japan
8 Atsushi Matsumura Physics, Tohoku University, Japan
9 Kouta Yamamoto Chemistry,Tohoku University,Japan
10 Yasushi UJIOKA Degremont sa, France
11 Toru Hara Universite de Paris Sud, France
12 Rene Bakker CEA - Sacley, France
13 David Garzella Universite de Paris Sud, France
14 Henk Blok Vrije Universiteit/NIKHEF, Amsterdam
15 Igor Passchier NIKHEF, Amsterdam
16 Ard van Sighem NIKHEF, Amsterdam
17 Johan Noordhoek KOL Leiden
18 C.M.C.M. van Woerkens Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory, Leiden
19 Annemarie Borst, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
20 Gijs Nelemans Universiteit Utrecht
21 Susanne Buiter Universiteit Utrecht
22 Yvo Kok Paleomagnetic Lab., Utrecht
23 Thom Pick Paleomagnetic Lab., Utrecht University
24 Dagmar Olbertz Universiteit Utrecht
25 Eleonore Stutzmann Institut de Physique Du Globe de Paris, France
26 Nicole Girardin Institut de Physique Du Globe de Paris, France
27 Francois Girardin Ecole Nat. Sup.  des
	(missing 28 & 29)
30 G.L.Liberti Lab. Modelisation climat et environnement, CEA, France
31 David Stephenson Centre Europeen de Recherche et Formation Avancee en  
Calcul Scientifique, Toulouse, France
32 Dr. Ralph P. Sobek Centre Europeen de Recherche et Formation Avancee en  
Calcul Scientifique, Toulouse, France
33 Marc Vaisset LAAS, Toulouse, France
34 Jerome Perret LAAS, Toulouse, France
35 Michael Kaiser Comp.Sci./Robotics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
36 Volker Klingspor Universitaet Dortmund, Germany
37 Peer Kuchenmeister Universitaet Bonn, Germany
38 Carsten Dorgerloh Universitaet Bonn, Germany
39 Andrea Kuth GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
40 Guido Pfeiffer     GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
41 Christoph Dahmen   GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
42 Dr. Holger Veit    GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
43 Dr. Gernot Richter GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
44 Manfred Domke      GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
45 Josef Boerding     GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
46 Dr. Werner Emde    GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
47 Edgar Sommer       GMD Sankt Augustin, Germany
48 Hans Guesgen       University of Auckland, New Zealand
49 Julian Harris      University of Auckland, New Zealand
50 Barry Fenn         University of Auckland, New Zealand
51 Mary Gardner       University of Otago, New Zealand
52 Roger Booth        University of Auckland, New Zealand
53 Kevin Ashbridge    University of Tuebingen, Germany
54 Peter L. Nelson    Psychology, West Georgia College, U.S.A.
55 Nadine Levick      Emergency Medicine, Melbourne, Australia
56 Michael Harari     Pediatrician, Jerusalem, Israel
57 Mike South         Paediatrician, Melbourne, Australia
58 Ourania Horaitis   Molecular Biologist Melbourne  Australia
59 Jim Stamatopoulos Telstra, Australia
60 Arthur Iliakopoulos Telstra, Australia
61 Joe Giunta Telstra, Australia
62 Tony Milic Telstra, Australia
63 Mark Whitmore Tesltra,Australia
64 Andrew Mooren Tesltra, Australia
65 Andrea Milne Telstra, Australia
66 Janice Barry Telstra Australia
67 Lindsay McGuire Telstra, Australia
68 Ken Dadsey Telstra Australia
69 Jan Gibson Telstra Australia
70 Stuart Riley Telstra Australia
71 Ben Johnston Melbourne, Australia
72 Manuel Tito de Morais Ericsson Telecom, Sweden
73 Lars Ervik Ericsson Radio, Sweden
74 Roger Borjesson Ericsson Telecom, Australia
75 Ted Strzebonski Ericsson Australia
76 Mariola Strzebonski Ericsson Australia
77 Ralph Ward Ericsson Australia
78 A. P. Ericsson Australia
79 Lilly Pejic Ericsson Australia
80 Les Grigg Ericsson Australia
81 June Campbell Ericsson Australia
82 Sihem Imamhousein Ericsson Australia
83 B.Przybyszewska Ericsson Australia
84 Joe Milic Ericsson Australia
85 Wei Xiao Ericsson Australia
86 Marlene Verey Ericsson Australia
87 Dan Lambert Ericsson Australia
88 Melissa Bartolo Ericsson Australia
89 Rachel Robinson Ericsson Australia 

90 Maria Fernandez Ericsson Australia
91 Gabriel Accadia Ericsson Data Australia
92 Maurice Manno Victoria University of Technology, Australia
93 Andrea Parker Halford Victoria University of Technology, Australia
94 Martin Halford BHP Information Technology, Australia
95 Helen Robertson-Smith BHP IT, Australia
96 Rohan Smith Scirtcele Electrics, Australia
97 Loreta Siciarz Melbourne, Australia
98 Edward Siciarz Melbourne, Australia
99 Newman Adam Melbourne, Australia
100 Docking Luke Melbourne, Australia
101 Steve Mellor Melbourne Australia
102 Megan Feakes, BHP Transport, Australia
103 Dianne Bayley, BHP Transport, Australia
103 Snez Dangubic, BHP Transport, Australia
	(dup 103)
104 Irma Ivcovici, BHP Transport, Australia
105 Carmen Brand, BHP Transport, Australia
106 Tara Blake, BHP Power, Australia
107 Celia Dunlop, BHP Engineering, Australia
108 Ian Kearney, BHP Petroleum, Australia
109 Cathy Smyth, BHP Petroleum, Australia
110 Trish Pletta, BHP Petroleum, Australia
111 Bronwyn Rossi, BHP Petroleum, Australia
112 Deborah Lewis, Melbourne, Australia
113 Suellen Quin
114 Vito Vukasin
115 John Garside, BHP Engineering, Wollongong
116 Anita McKinley, BHP Engineering, Newcastle
117 Elisa Buttrose, BHP Engineering, North Sydney, Australia
118 Victoria Fisher, BHP Engineering, North Sydney, Australia
119 Youssef Mourra, BHP Engineering, North Sydney, Australia
120 Linda McDermott, BHP Engineering, North Sydney, Australia
121 Rozanne Frost,BHP Engineering, NthSydney,Australia
122 Maria Ivancic, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle, Australia
123 Anne Regan, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle, Australia
124 Vince Stanton, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle, Australia
125 Barry Prasil, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle, Australia
126 Peter Ingram, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle,Australia
126 Ian Leeson, BHP Information Technology, Newcastle,Australia
	(dup 126)
127 Arnie Anfinson, Peace Activist, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
128 Toni Scott, 22 Horsefair Green, Stony Stratford, Bucks, U.K.
129 Pete Hodson, 22 Horsefair Green, Stony Stratford, Bucks, U.K.
130 Robert Kaye, Texas Instruments, Villeneuve-Loubet, France.
131 Allison Kaye, C.I.V., Sophia-Antipolis, France.
132 Jon Baldry, Texas Instruments, Villeneuve-Loubet, France.
133 Dom Simmons, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, Swindon, U.K.
134 Steve Arnott, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, Swindon, UK.
135 Cameron Hall, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
136 Christoph Lappe, NCTEPO, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
137 Jochen Springer, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany
138 Oliver Weber, Frankfurt, Germany
139 Angela Letsch, Seeheim, Germany
140 Hildegard Weis, Frankfurt, Germany
141 Michael Fuhlendorf, Frankfurt, Germany
142 Claudia Borger, Frankfurt Germany
143 Thomas Schall, Frankfurt Germany
144 Frank Kappner, Frankfurt Germany
145 Anja Lindauer, Frankfurt Germany
146 Fuhr Silvia, Frankfurt, Germany
147 Firmenich, Sandra Romana, Frankfurt, Germany
148 Gonzalez Keller, Manuela, Frankfurt, Germany
149 Young, David, Vienna Austria
150 Saddy Poole, Rikia     Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
151 DeBrine, Peter, Washington, DC
152 Richina, Richard, Washington, DC
153 Dubroof, Patricia, Rockville, MD
154 Miller, James-Christopher, Biodiversity Support Program, Washington DC
155 Amelia Smith, Washington D.C.
156 Robert Hoyt, Washington, DC
157 Peter Koole, Auckland, New Zealand.
158 Dwight Stauffer, Whangarei, New Zealand
159 Heather Berthold, Ruakaka, New Zealand
160 Stephen Patterson, Lancaster, PA  USA
161 Arthur Cronos, Sausalito CA, USA
162 Joel Koosed, Albany, CA, USA
163 Nina Feldman, Oakland, CA USA
164 Peter Langston, Seattle, WA, USA

This is a petition to urge the French Government to stop nuclear tests.
If you agree with us, please add your name to the list above, and send
copies to your friends.  We will add up the lists that had come back to
us, and send it to the French Government.

***  If you happen to be the hundredth, two hundredth, three hundredth,
and so on, on the list, please send a copy of the mail back to the
addresses below, so that we can keep track of this project.

*** If you have any comment please send mail to us.  Also, if you are multi-
lingual and have friends who may not understand English, please translate
this message and add it to the end of the mail. Thank you very much.

******* addresses of the organizers: <- please use this address

[=] © 1995 Peter Langston []