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10 Nov
veggie tangent (fwd)

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 13:23:29 -0800
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On BBC 2's satirical prime time Saturday night news quiz show 'Have I Got
News For You' tonight one round involved showing four pictures concerning a
recent news story and asking the contestants to identify the odd one out,
and explain why. This particular question featured the following four

1) The rear end of a mouse
2) A Nematode Worm
3) An e-coli bacterium
4) A piece of raw sewage

'Does this refer to McDonalds?' asked Ian Hislop, one of the contestants,
adding: 'I'm putting that as a question - McDonalds are somewhat

The odd one out was then identified as a piece of raw sewage, as all the
other ones were reported to have been found in McDonalds food. A graphic
description was given of the person who bit into their McDonalds and found
the rear end of a mouse, to a chorus of Eeeughrrr! from the studio
audience. McDonalds were reported to have said that the Nematode worm was
harmless because it was dead - 'presumably because it had been eaten by
some e-coli bacteria' added one of the participants. It was explained that
the odd one out was the raw sewage because it hadn't been found in
McDonalds food but had merely flooded the Colchester branch. 'It would have
been a brave man who had a Chocolate Milkshake there that night' quipped
one of the contestants, to laughter. 'You're always sure of a surprise at
McDonalds' said the Quizmaster.

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