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13 Nov
Weirdness #402 - 10/20/95

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Subject: Weirdness #402 - 10/20/95

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.402 (News of the Weird, October 20, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* According to an August story in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun- Sentinel, Kevin
Moore, 45, has been hounded for at least eight months by legal actions
instituted by Anne Victoria Moore, who claims--incorrectly, according to
police--that he is the Kevin Moore who was once married to her.  She
perseveres even though various government agencies have informed her that
the man she is harassing is 11 years older than, six inches shorter than,
and facially dissimilar to, her ex-husband.  First, she placed a claim on
the wrong Moore's house, then one on his bank account, and, in the latest
action, she filed charges against him for failure to pay child support.
[Roanoke Times-Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, 8-31-95]

* According to a September Los Angeles Times article, the Park Bench Cafe
in Huntington Beach, Calif., recently became perhaps the first restaurant
in America to offer its diners a menu for their dogs.  Items for the couple
dozen dogs that might accompany their owners to dine on a good day range
from a plate of five dog biscuits (50 cents) to a ground turkey patty
(called a Wrangler Roundup, priced at $2.25).  Dogs are leashed, sit on the
floor, and eat from disposable plates. [Los Angeles Times, 9- 10-95]

* In May, the New York Times Magazine featured a line of fashions created,
modeled, and sold by inmates of the Oregon prison system.  The jeans,
shirts, and jackets of the Prison Blues label are carried in about 400
stores in the U. S., and almost all income goes to the prisoner-workers
(with deductions for taxes, room, board, and victim compensation). [N. Y.
Times Magazine, 5-14-95]

* Accused Wausau, Wis., poacher John Sadogierski, allegedly to police
investigators who confronted him for killing and eating a trumpeter swan
and a sandhill crane and who was asked what the crane tasted like:
"Bald eagle." [St. Paul Pioneer Press-AP, 8-3- 95]

* Heidi Ansell, trying to get local police to oust drunken revelers who were
urinating into her yard from the fence of an adjacent motel, which sits on
a border between the California towns of Torrance and Lomita, but finding
both jurisdictions passing off responsibility to the other:  "Well, I guess
if [the revelers]'re standing on the fence urinating, then their butts are
in Torrance and their penises are in Lomita." [[The Daily Breeze, Jul95]]

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