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17 Nov
CounterSpin - CBS Puffs Tobacco

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 95 13:14:24 -0800
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Subject: CounterSpin - CBS Puffs Tobacco

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Hosted by Janine Jackson
Broadcast from 11/17/95 to 11/24/95

This week on CounterSpin, we'll talk about the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa
and other Nigerian dissidents. All over the world Shell Oil is being blamed
for complicity in the executions -- but not here in the States. Our guest
will be Steve Kretzmann from Greenpeace.

Also, we'll have journalism professor and investigative reporter Karl
Grossman on his own media project, EnviroVideo. He'll talk about how
activists can make their own media.

Action Alert: CBS Puffs Tobacco
Network TV news shows have been interrupted by commercials for years. Now
they also get interrupted by apologies. The latest came on November 12th's
60 Minutes. Host Mike Wallace humbly announced that CBS management had
ordered 60 Minutes to kill an interview with a former tobacco company
executive who had exposed some of the industry's dirty deeds. The segment
aired without the hard-hitting expose, and Wallace came on afterward to
grumble a little about management's decision.

CBS claims that they feared the tobacco company (Brown & Williamson), would
sue CBS for encouraging the executive to violate his confidentiality
agreement -- although almost no one believes such a lawsuit could succeed.
Even a frivolous lawsuit, however, could complicate the impending takeover
of CBS by Westinghouse -- a takeover which promises to enrich CBS's top

It's also worth noting that CBS's current parent, the Loews corporation, is
also the owner of Lorillard Tobacco.

If you'd like to comment on CBS's decision to kill the interview with an
insider critic of the tobacco industry, you can contact:

Eric Ober
534 West 57th Street
New York, N.Y.  10019

Tel: (212) 975-6581
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