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2 Dec
Gardening News for the Winter Doldrums

Date: Sat, 2 Dec 95 01:17:29 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Gardening News for the Winter Doldrums

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Winter doldrums are upon us, but thank God for the seed catalogues to remind
us things won't always be dreary.  Here's the season's first offering.


New this Spring from SHOW-ME NURSERIES
P.O. Box 12345
Homily, MO 01011

"HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" Hot Pepper.  This is positively the hottest pepper we
have ever seen or heard of.  Small cherry-sized peppers cause severe
blistering with mere skin contact, and eating just one can render the most
seasoned pepper-eaters unable to speak or even swallow for several days.
This is not an ornamental pepper - growth tends to be rangy and tall, with
sparse pale leaves.  To tell the truth, we couldn't say what you would do
with this pepper.  But they sure are hot.  Pepper "HOLY TLAQUEPAQUE" -
.50 per packet.

ANT TREE - Myrmecodium, with ant colonies.  An unusual plant with a
swollen stubby trunk from which the flowers and fruit come directly.  Your
friends will want to take a closer look, but imagine their surprise when
they find themselves covered with vicious stinging ants!  Good
conversation starter.  The tree is not difficult to grow and propagate,
but we must ask a higher price because the queen ants are so difficult to
smuggle past the border agents.  ANT TREE - ea. $70.00   Ant cultures
shipped seperately.

New Plant Collection Offers:

1. "Barrier Garden"  This is a collection of all the most beautiful and
unusual plants with stinging or irritating hairs.  Includes 5 varieties
of nettle, including the famous "creeping nettle" of Venezuela, which
spreads quickly by underground runners, Devil's Club from the Pacific
Northwest, a beautiful shurb-small tree covered with irritating spines,
several species of Loasa, and of course, the famous Australian Nettle
Tree, a brush of which can make a man writhe in pain for days.  Plant this
collection instead of an electric fence to keep plant thieves away from
your prized items.  $30.00

2. "New Roses" collection.  The biggest and gaudiest of the new hybrid
tea roses, many with no irritating fragrance to mask your own perfume,
natural scent, or barbecue smoke.  Some of these varieties combine up to
five colors in one bloom.  A few examples:

	"LIBERACE" - This rose throws up candelabra-like spikes of large
	shining blooms of green, red, and hot pink, with crystalline
	sparkling spots.

	"ROSEANNE" - A white and red striped *big* fully double rose which
	does have a slight scent of old beer.

	"SCREAMING QUEEN" - Lavender and magenta of course, with red
	flecks and lots of other colors too.  Developed from a seedling
	of "Liberace," this rose has an interesting scent, somewhere
	between "Obscession" and "Aramis."

	"MADONNA"  Tall thin plants with black shiny leather-like blooms.
	Pistils protrude far beyond the rest of the floral parts.  Will
	hybridize with anything.  $60.00

Happy Gardening,
Barry Glick aka Glicksterus maximus <>
Sunshine Farm & Gardens
Renick WV 24966 USA
304-497-3163	FAX-497-2698

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