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Weirdness #405 - 10Nov95

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.405 (News of the Weird, November 10, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* The Houston Chronicle reported in September on the growing support among
American Muslims for once-accused child molester Sadri Krasniqi of Plano,
Tex.  Krasniqi, an Albanian- American, was arrested in 1989 after witnesses
reported him fondling his four-year-old daughter under her dress, and state
authorities removed the girl, and her brother, to a Christian family.  In
1994, after many delays, charges were dropped against Krasniqi when
prosecutors became convinced that because parent-child sex is so
unimaginable in Albania, parental fondling--even genital fondling--is
accepted.  (Muslim critics said such fondling is correctly forbidden among
Americans because pedophilia is so common here.)  However, even though no
longer facing charges, Krasniqi and his wife have so far been denied the
return of their children. [Houston Chronicle, 9-17-95]

* Earlier this year, in a study of the psychological well-being of 91
Canadian customs officers, researchers from the Kingston (Ontario) Sexual
Behavior Clinic concluded that the officers whose work consists of looking
at pornography all day showed no ill effects.  (Canada generally has
stricter laws against pornography than most U. S. states because authorities
more readily accept the belief that viewing pornography is dangerous.)
[Geist-Utne Reader, December 1994-January 1995]

* According to a Texas District Attorney, more than 100 prosecutions for
drug possession are in jeopardy because defendants had the good sense after
their arrests to pay the state "drug tax."  The legislature enacted the tax
in 1989 to help law enforcement, but a court ruled recently that to both
collect the tax and prosecute the defendant would be unconstitutional
"double jeopardy."  The latest case was the August dismissal of charges
against San Marcos college professor Harvey Ginsburg, who had paid a $2,450
tax on 11 ounces of marijuana. [Dallas Morning News-AP, 8-5-95]

* In September, the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kalmar, Sweden, applied
for a permit to hook up the crematorium in its memorial park with its other
buildings.  The Church wants to use the heat from the crematorium to warm
the other buildings inexpensively. [Reuters wirecopy, 9-6-95]

* The Minnesota Gambling Control board voted in July to okay for public use
the latest gambling machine from Scientific Games of Atlanta, Ga.  The game,
played with pull-off tabs that reveal as winners three red lips, is called
Kiss My Butt.  And in Lapeer, Mich., in July, a judge turned down the
name-change petition from disaffected, 55-year-old John Jakubowski, who
wanted the legal name Kiss My Ass. [Minneapolis Star Tribune, 7-18-95;
Detroit Free Press, 7-26-95]

* Two career firefighters and six volunteers were suspended in Seat
Pleasant, Md., in September after they brawled over who should get to
carry the big hose into a burning house.  [Washington Times, Sept95]

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