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3 Dec
SMARM ALERT : Newsweek- Balkan & Sacred Harp

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 95 13:25:47 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: SMARM ALERT : Newsweek- Balkan & Sacred Harp

Forwarded-by: J Lani Herrmann <>
From: (B.E. Swetman)

This week's Newsweek (Dec. 4, 1995) has a section of suggestions for
Christmas gifts. Under music here are a few lines between Planet Squeezbox
and Miles Davis, p. 80:

"Too much digital culture-grazing? Settle in with the deservedly trendy
Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir's Collected Le Mystere des
Voix Bulgares. East European hillbilly music, as stark as Appalacian
shape-note singing, tweaked to make it easy on urban ears--but with yelps
that would make a Cajun proud."

Maybe next year they'll recommend a "Stark Appalacian shape-note" recording! or

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