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9 Dec
Your calendar for the week 12/10 - 12/16 - TV Nation & Internet Protest

Date: Sat, 9 Dec 95 13:11:59 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Your calendar for the week 12/10 - 12/16 - TV Nation & Internet Protest

[Okay, I admit it, I've got your life planned for you.  Sunday, 12/10 you'll  
need to take it easy.  Monday, 12/11 you have the San Francisco rally (see  
"Rally in SanFran meatspace to protest censorship in cyberspace!" Fun_People,  
12/8/95) then Tuesday, 12/12 you have the noontime TV Nation Demonstration at  
Your Local Fox Affiliate (see "> TV NATION MSG" below) and you also have the  
day-long "Internet Day of Protest" activities (see ") INTERNET PROTEST MSG"  
further below).  Who said activism was dead, eh?  Okay, I'll let you know  
later about the rest of your week...  -psl]

____________________________ BEGIN TV NATION MSG ____________________________

>Date: Sat, 09 Dec 1995 02:05:08 -0500
>From: Veronica Moore <>
>Subject: TV Nation E-Mail Newsletter #11  Dec. 9, 1995
> TV NATION E-MAIL NEWSLETTER #11  December 9, 1995
>*** Save TV NATION Demonstration at Your Local Fox Affiliate ***
>****** Tuesday, December 12th from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. ******
>Hi Friends,
>Another week has passed and still no word from Fox regarding the
>fate of TV Nation.  The network has one more week to decide before
>their option to renew runs out on December 15th.  I know, through
>our sources at Fox, that the response they've received from you, our
>fans, has been *unprecedented.*  Tens of thousands of letters, e-
>mail and phone calls has created quite a stir at the network.
>Judging from the e-mail you sent me this week, some of you have
>been feeling, "Hey with one week left, why not turn up the heat a
>few more notches!"  Although we ourselves cannot condone or
>sponsor any such action, we do know many of our fans are
>planning pro-TV Nation rallies at their local Fox affiliate this
>Tuesday, December 12th from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm.  Therefore, we
>consider it part of our civic duty to pass this information on to you.
>If you want to show your support for what New York Newsday this
>week called The most brilliantly subversive show in the history of
>television," bring yourself, bring your friends, and you can even
>bring a sign expressing your feelings to any of these Fox offices
>this coming Tuesday at noon:
>Austin, TX:  KTBC  512-476-7777
>119 E. 10th St. at Brazos
>Baltimore, MD:  WBFF  410-467-4545
>2000 W. 41st St. at 1-83
>Boston:  WFXT  617-326-8825
>25 Fox Dr., Dedham, MA
>(off Elm St., take Hwy 128 to 15A, Route 1, Dedham)
>Buffalo, NY:  WUTV  716-773-7531
>951 Whitehaven Rd. by Stoneypoint Rd.
>Chicago:  WFLD  312-565-5532,  Program Director:  Robert Simone
>205 N. Michigan  (cross St., Lake)
>Morning Show E-Mail:
>Cleveland, OH:  WJW  216-431-8888
>5800 S. Marginal Rd., (cross street E. 55th)
>Columbus, OH:  WTTE  614-895-2800
>6130 Sunbury RD., Westerville
>(hwy 270 to 161 to Sunbury)
>Dayton, OH:  WRGT  513-263-4500
>45 Broadcast Plaza
>Detroit:  WJBK  810-557-2000
>16500 W. 9 Mile Rd., Southfield
>Flint, MI:  WSMH  810-785-8866
>G3463 W. Pierson Rd.
>(between Jennings and Clio Rds)
>Indianapolis, IN:  WXIN  317-632-5900
>1440 N. Meridian at 14th
>Little Rock, AR:  KLRT  501-225-0016
>11711 W. Markham
>Los Angeles:  KTTV  213-856-1000
>Off the Hollywood FWY, on Wilton between Sunset and Fountain
>Madison, WI:  WMSN  608-833-0047
>7847 Big Sky Dr.  (between Mineral Point Dr. and High Point Dr.)
>Minneapolis:  WFTV  612-379-2929
>1701 N.E. Broadway
>New York, NY:  WNYW  212-452-5555
>205 E. 57th St. (By 3rd)
>New York demonstration e-mail contact:
>Philadelphia:  WTXF  215-925-7200
>4th and Market
>Portland, OR:  KPDX  503-239-49
>910 Martin Luther King BLVD
>(cross street Pacific, across from Convention Center)
>Raleigh/Chapel Hill:  WLFL  919-872-9535
>3012 Highwoods Blvd. between Capitol and Atlantic
>San Diego:  XETV  619-279-6666
>8253 Ronson Rd. (between Mercury and 163)
>San Diego demonstration e-mail contact:
>San Francisco, Bay Area:  KTVU  510-834-1212
>#2 Jack London Square, Oakland, CA
>(off fwy 880, between Embarcadaro and Oak)
>Bay Area demonstration e-mail contact:
>Seattle:  KCPQ  206-621-1313
>100 S. Haing St.  (between 1st and King)
>St. Louis, Mo:  KDNL  314-436-3030
>1215 Cole St. (cross street, Tucker)
>Tampa, FL:  WTVT  813-876-1313
>3213 W. Kennedy Blvd. (between Lincoln and Mantanza)
>Even if only a couple of people show up in each city it will make a
>difference because it's so rare that something like this happens.  If we
>have failed to list the Fox affiliate in your area please locate it in the
>phone book and act accordingly.
>If you are unable to make it on Tuesday please give your local Fox
>affiliate a call or e-mail them on that day (I'll send the e-mail addresses
>as soon as I have them).  The affiliates have a lot of influence with the
>network, and a call from the station owner telling the head of Fox that
>there's a dozen people out front wanting TV Nation back on the air
>will make quite an impression!
>In trying to appeal to Fox's business sense, we have presented the
>following reasons as to why they should renew TV Nation:
>1.  Ratings:  With Fox's key demographics -- 18-34 year old men -- TV
>Nation was #1 in it's time slot every week it was on. According to our
>viewer mail TV Nation is very popular among women and all age
>groups are represented.  TV Nation pulled a higher ranking than the
>show which replaced us ("Strange Luck").  The advertisers were
>extremely pleased with the numbers TV Nation received.
>2.  Cost:  The average cost to produce a typical hour-long show of
>prime time television is nearly $1.5 million. TV Nation costs Fox
>$350,000!!  Financially, this show is profitable.
>3.  Emmy Award: TV Nation received the Emmy this year as
>"Outstanding Informational Series."  Out of seventy-seven Emmys
>handed out at this year's Prime Time Emmy Awards, Fox won only two
>-- TV Nation and The Simpsons.  Why cancel one of your two Emmy
>Award-winning series?
>4.  The BBC:  The Brits have already ordered the next series of TV
>Nation.  They pay for half the budget, so they're just waiting for an
>American partner to give the green light.
>5.  Massive Critical Acclaim:  It is rare that a network receives almost
>unanimous critical acclaim for a show.  Consider these quotes:
>"TV Nation is A Masterpiece... Michael Moore is the great TV satirist
>of the 1990's.  TV Nation goes where no TV magazine has gone
>          -- Marvin Kitman, "Newsday"
>"A perfect '10!'  Michael Moore is the Roseanne of reality TV -- yet TV
>Nation is funnier than television's funniest sitcom.  Blunt and honest
>enough to report the truth, it is as compelling and provocative as it is
>entertaining and hilarious.  Mark my words:  *TV Nation will be a
>          -- Jeff Jarvis, "TV Guide"
>"At last! News to Amuse!  A newsmagazine for Lettermaniacs, Michael
>Moore's TV Nation greets the apocalypse of our modern times with a
>deadpan shrug and a keen eye for the absurdities and hypocrisies we
>ignore at our peril."
>          -- Matt Roush, "USA Today"
>"Like no other newsmagazine ever!  More enjoyable and original than
>any new series on the fall schedule, it leaves you guffawing and
>marveling at its audacity.  If you want to see the best network TV can
>offer these days, don't miss TV Nation."
>          -- Hal Boedeker, "Miami Herald"
>"TV Nation is that rarest of species -- a television program both funny
>and important."
>          --Robert Goldberg, "Wall Street Journal"
>"Fresh, cheeky, funny.  It has a social conscience and an edge like a
>scalpel.  TV Nation has more worthwhile content than most
>newsmagazine yet it's as amusing as "The Simpsons."  Michael Moore
>is as dangerous as Mike Wallace -- But a whole lot Funnier!"
>          -- Noel Holston, "Minneapolis Star Tribune"
>"TV Nation is funnier than 98 per cent of the sitcoms on TV today.
>Tune in for some genuine howls."
>          --Mike McDaniel, "Houston Chronicle"
>"TV Nation is a mesmerizing bit of biting satire, social commentary
>and just plain fun.  Put a video camera in Michael Moore's hands, give
>him access to the prime time viewers of a major network and he
>should be considered armed and dangerous.  This is a Kamikaze '60
>          -- Joshua Mamis, "New Haven Advocate"
>"Refreshing... Hilarious...  Michael Moore's humor remains wickedly on
>target.  Let's hope TV Nation stays around for awhile."
>          --John J. O'Connor, "New York Times"
>"Three cheers for Michael Moore and his snappy satire, TV Nation!"
>          -- "The Nation"
>"Welcome to the mind of Michael Moore where conventional news
>stories take on an entirely different spin.  His TV Nation takes a
>twisted, comical look at subjects from Pets on Prozac to Avon Ladies
>in the Amazon.  An insurrectionary show!"
>          -- Daniel Cerone, "LA Times"
>"Fresh, clever and ironically hilarious -- pray that TV Nation makes the
>fall schedule!"
>          -- Ray Loynd, "Daily Variety"
>"Michael Moore is a hybrid of two Ralphs -- Kramden and Nader -- and
>He is blessed with brilliant comic timing.  There is probably more
>incisive humor in one hour of TV Nation than in a season of 'Murphy
>          -- Ginia Bellagante, "Time"
>"TV Nation is a hilarious show -- by far the funniest newcomer of the
>season.  Michael Moore is a genuine original."
>          -- Ron Miller, "San Jose Mercury News"
>"There is nothing quite like TV Nation on Television. It look likes
>something Groucho, Harpo and Karl Marx might have come up with
>had they ever gone on the road with Charles Kurault."
>          -- Ginny Holbert, "San Jose Mercury News"
>          -- Jeannie Williams, "USA Today"
>Be sure to check out the TV Nation Newsgroup (
>There is interesting information that often appears on it.
>Michael will be on CNBC "Talk Live" this evening, Saturday, December
>9th at 9:00p.m..  He will also be on the "Dick Cavett" show soon.  Look
>for it in your daily listings.
>The Museum of Television and Radio in New York is sponsoring a
>Seminar on TV Nation this Tuesday, December 12th from 6:00 to
>7:30p.m..  Participants include:  Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn, Karen
>Duffy, Louis Theroux and others from the staff of TV Nation.
>"CANADIAN BACON" will be released on video this Tuesday, December
> 12th!!!
>Thanks for all the help, suggestions, offers and support:)  Feel free to
>write back if you need further clarification.  Thanks for your patience
>in receiving all our messages lately. After next week we will go back
>to our occasional posting.  Also, I've had many problems with
>Listserv, our list distributor, so please continue to inform me of any
>Veronica Moore
_____________________________ END TV NATION MSG _____________________________

________________________ BEGIN INTERNET PROTEST MSG _________________________

)Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 00:33:33 -0500 (EST)
)From: "Shabbir J. Safdar" <shabbir@VTW.ORG>
)Reply-To: vtw-announce@VTW.ORG
)    On Tuesday December 12, 1995, Join With Hundreds of Thousands
)                  Of Your Fellow Internet Users In
)                REDISTRIBUTE ONLY UNTIL December 20, 1995
)        Internet Day of Protest: Tuesday December 12, 1995
)        What You Must Do On Tuesday December 12, 1995
)        List of Participating Organizations
)       Where Can I Learn More?
)Outrageous proposals to censor the Internet demand that the Internet
)Community take swift and immediate action. We must stand up and let
)Congress know that we will not tolerate their attempts to destroy this
)medium! Please join hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens in a
)National Day of Protest on Tuesday December 12, 1995.
)As you know, on Wednesday December 6, 1995, the House Conference
)Committee on Telecommunications Reform voted to impose far reaching and
)unconstitutional "indecency" restrictions on the Internet and other
)interactive media, including large commercial online services (such as
)America Online, Compuserve, and Prodigy) and smaller Internet Service
)Providers such as Panix, the Well, Echo, and Mindvox.
)These restrictions threaten the very existence of the Internet and
)interactive media as a viable medium for free expression, education,
)commerce.  If enacted, the Internet as we know it will never be the
)Libraries will not be able to put any books online that might
)offend a child somewhere.  No "Catcher in the Rye" or "Ulysses" on the net.
)Internet Service Providers could face criminal penalties for allowing
)children to subscribe to their Internet Services, forcing many  small
)companies to simply refuse to sell their services to anyone under 18. Worst
)of all, everything you say and publish on the net will have to be "dumbed
)down" to that which is acceptable to a child.
)As Internet users, we simply must not allow this assault against the
)Internet and our most basic freedoms to go unchallenged.
)On Tuesday December 12, the organizations below are urging you to
)join us in a NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST. The goal is to flood key members of
)the House and Senate with phone calls, faxes and email with the message
)that the Internet community WILL NOT TOLERATE Congressional attempts to
)destroy the Internet, limit our freedoms and trample on our rights.
)Below are the phone, fax, and email address of several key members of
)Congress on this issue and instructions on what you can do to join the
)National Day of Protest to save the Net.
)1. Throughout the day Tuesday December 12, please contact as many
)   members of Congress on the list below as you can. If you are only
)   able to make one call, contact House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Finally,
)   if the Senator or Representative from your state is on the list
)   below, be sure to contact him or her also.
)2. Urge each Member of Congress to "stop the madness".  Tell them that
)   they are about to pass legislation that will destroy the Internet as
)   an educational and commercial medium.  If you are at a loss for
)   words, try the following sample communique:
)   Sample phone call:
)        Both the House and Senate bills designed to protect children
)        from objectionable material on the Internet will actually
)        destroy the Internet as an medium for education, commerce, and
)        political discourse. There are other, less restrictive ways to
)        address this issue.
)        I urge you to oppose both measures being proposed in the
)        conference committee.  This is an important election issue to
)        me.
)   Sample letter (fax or email):
)        The Senate conferees are considering ways to protect children
)        from inappropriate material on the Internet.  A vote for either
)        the House or Senate proposals will result in the destruction of
)        the Internet as a viable medium for free expression, education,
)        commerce.  Libraries will not be able to put their entire book
)        collections online.  Everyday people like me will risk massive
)        fines and prison sentences for public discussions someone s
)        somewhere might consider "indecent".
)        There are other, less restrictive ways to protect children from
)        objectionable material online. This is an important election
)        issue to me.
)3. If you're in San Francisco, or near enough to get there, go to
)   the Rally Against Censorship from Ground Zero of the Digital Revolution:
)   WHEN: Monday, December 11, 1995  12:00 - 1:00 PM
)   WHERE: South Park (between 2nd and 3rd, Bryant and Brannon) San Francisco.
)   SPEAKERS: To be announced
)   BRING: Attention-grabbing posters, signs, and banners that demonstrate
)       your committment to free speech and expression, and your feelings
)       about Congress.
)   FOR UPDATED INFORMATION (including rain info):
)4. Mail a note to to let us know you did your part.
)   Although you will not receive a reply due to the number of
)   anticipated responses, we'll be counting up the number of people that
)   participated in the day of protest.
)      P ST Name and Address           Phone           Fax
)      = == ========================   ==============  ==============
)      R AK Stevens, Ted               1-202-224-3004  1-202-224-1044
)      R AZ McCain, John               1-202-224-2235  1-602-952-8702
)      D HI Inouye, Daniel K.          1-202-224-3934  1-202-224-6747
)      R KS Dole, Robert               1-202-224-6521  1-202-228-1245
)      D KY Ford, Wendell H.           1-202-224-4343  1-202-224-0046
)      R MS Lott, Trent                1-202-224-6253  1-202-224-2262
)      R MT Burns, Conrad R.           1-202-224-2644  1-202-224-8594
)      D NE Exon, J. J.                1-202-224-4224  1-202-224-5213
)      D SC Hollings, Ernest F.        1-202-224-6121  1-202-224-4293
)      R SD Pressler, Larry            1-202-224-5842  1-202-224-1259
)      R WA Gorton, Slade              1-202-224-3441  1-202-224-9393
)      D WV Rockefeller, John D.       1-202-224-6472  n.a.
)   Dist ST Name, Address, and Party     Phone            Fax
)   ==== == ========================     ==============  ==============
)      6 GA Gingrich, Newt (R)           1-202-225-4501   1-202-225-4656
)             2428 RHOB            
)     14 MI Conyers Jr., John (D)        1-202-225-5126   1-202-225-0072
)             2426 RHOB            
)      1 CO Schroeder, Patricia (D)      1-202-225-4431   1-202-225-5842
)             2307 RHOB
)     18 TX Jackson-Lee, Sheila (D)      1-202-225-3816  1-202-225-3317
)             1520 LHOB
)      6 TN Gordon, Bart (D)             1-202-225-4231   1-202-225-6887
)             2201 RHOB
)4. Forward this alert to all of your wired friends.
)At this moment, there are several organizations with WWW sites that now
)have, or will have, information about the net censorship legislation and
)the National Day Of Protest:
)American Civil Liberties Union (
)Center for Democracy and Technology (
)Electronic Frontier Foundation (
)Electronic Privacy Information Center (
)Wired Magazine (
)Voters Telecommunications Watch (
)In order to use the net more effectively, several organizations have
)joined forces on a single Congressional net campaign to stop the
)Communications Decency Act.
)American Civil Liberties Union * American Communication Association *
)American Council for the Arts * Arts & Technology Society * Association
)of Alternative Newsweeklies * biancaTroll productions * Boston
)Coalition for Freedom of Expression * Californians Against Censorship
)Together * Center For Democracy And Technology * Centre for Democratic
)Communications * Center for Public Representation * Citizen's Voice -
)New Zealand * Cloud 9 Internet *Computer Communicators Association *
)Computel Network Services * Computer Professionals for Social
)Responsibility * Cross Connection * Cyber-Rights Campaign * CyberQueer
)Lounge * Dorsai Embassy * Dutch Digital Citizens' Movement * ECHO
)Communications Group, Inc. * Electronic Frontier Canada * Electronic
)Frontier Foundation * Electronic Frontier Foundation - Austin *
)Electronic Frontiers Australia * Electronic Frontiers Houston *
)Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire * Electronic Privacy Information
)Center * Feminists For Free Expression * First Amendment Teach-In *
)Florida Coalition Against Censorship * FranceCom, Inc. Web Advertising
)Services * Friendly Anti-Censorship Taskforce for Students * Hands
)Off!  The Net * Inland Book Company * Inner Circle Technologies, Inc. *
)Inst. for Global Communications * Internet On-Ramp, Inc. * Internet
)Users Consortium * Joint Artists' and Music Promotions Political Action
)Committee * The Libertarian Party * Marijuana Policy Project *
)Metropolitan Data Networks Ltd. * MindVox * MN Grassroots Party *
)National Bicycle Greenway * National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
)* National Coalition Against Censorship * National Gay and Lesbian Task
)Force * National Public Telecomputing Network * National Writers Union
)* Oregon Coast RISC * Panix Public Access Internet * People for the
)American Way * Republican Liberty Caucus * Rock Out Censorship *
)Society for Electronic Access * The Thing International BBS Network *
)The WELL * Voters Telecommunications Watch
)(Note: All 'Electronic Frontier' organizations are independent entities,
) not EFF chapters or divisions.)
)        End Alert

_________________________ END INTERNET PROTEST MSG __________________________

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