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11 Dec
Toy Story index

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 13:45:32 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Toy Story index

[We're celebrating the recent successes of our friends at Pixar ... they've  
gone public (their stock is now worth money) and their recent work, the movie  
"Toy Story," is out and getting critical acclaim.  Congratulations!  -psl]

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Number of terabytes required to store all film information: 1
Minutes of completed animation produced each week: 3.5 (maximum)
Months it took to write the shader for Andy's hair: 9 (it took the longest)
"Built-in" lights on Buzz: 10
Least number of minutes required to render a frame of film: 45
Most number of hours required to render a frame of film: 20
Number of characters: 76
Minutes of computer animation: 77
Number of suns in Pixar's Renderfarm operating on a 24-hour basis: 110
Texture maps for Buzz: 189 (plus an additional 450 to show scuffs and dirt)
Gigabytes required to store final frames: 500
Number of avars (variables which an animator can control) for Buzz: 700
Number of avars for Woody: 712
Number of avars for Woody's face: 212
Number of avars for Woody's mouth: 58
Number of avars for Sid's backpack: 128
Number of leaves on the trees in Andy's neighborhood: 1.2 million
Number of shaders written for the production: 1300
Final number of shots in film: 1561
Number of frames of computer animation in film: 110,064
Number of texture maps created for the film: 2000 (most are painted
  digitally, but some are photographed and scanned.  The carpet in Sid's
  house was taken from "The Shining.")
Number of storyboards drawn: 25,000
Number of lines in model program required to describe Buzz: 34,864
Number of lines in model program required to describe Woody: 52,865
Number of machine hours required to render frames: 800,000
Number of lines of code needed to create the film's models: 4.5 million
Box office total for Toy Story for the 5-day holiday weekend ending Nov 26:
  $39.1 million
Opening price of Pixar at its IPO on Wednesday: $22 (traded on NASDAQ under
  symbol PIXR)
Current price: $40.25
Value of Steve Jobs' shares: $1,204,280,000

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