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11 Dec
It loses something, translation or original...

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 22:50:14 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: It loses something, translation or original...

From: Kerry Blech <>

 Sheila and I, when in France in 1986, were being maligned by members of a
 Breton band, "La Chasse Gallant."  Our French was not good enought to suit
 them (beyond the fact that we were communicating somewhat with our host
 Alsatians, and Sheila got us through Germany with her high school version
 of that, and we managed to get through Italy with her pidgeon Italian, and
 the fact that she is/was rather fluent in Macedonian slang and could get
 by with some related Croatian). So, in riposte, we accused them of not
 having a sense of humor.

 Whereupon, the bombarde player, in heavily-accented "English" (barely
 recognizable as such) proceeded with a pantomime and a few words:

 "Green-Green" he looks at a table+

 "Yellow?"     he picks up an imaginary phone and
                holds it to his ear+

 "White?"      he looks incredulous, pulls his hand away
                from his ear and stares at it for a second+

 "Pink!!!"     he slams his hand down onto the table, emphatically+

 So, there, they did prove that the French have no sense of humor.

 Am I black-balled from FUN_PEOPLE now?  See ya later.

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