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Weirdness #407 - 24Nov95

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Subject: Weirdness #407 - 24Nov95

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.407 (News of the Weird, November 24, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* A researcher writing in the July issue of the European Journal of Physics
concluded that the torque of an average piece of buttered toast, falling
off of a table of average height, causes "an inevitable butter-down final
state [hitting the floor]." [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7-5-95]

* Recent contests in the news:  In June, contestants hurled 45-lb.  toilets
through the air at the Blue Tip Festival in Wadsworth, Ohio, with the
winning toss receiving a complimentary toilet from the Kohler Company.  And
the 16th annual World Worm- Charming Championship was held in England in
June, with a variety of methods being used, including one contestant's
drawing worms out of the ground by playing "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My
Head." [Duluth News-Tribune-AP, 6-22-95] [Sports Illustrated, 7-17-95]

* In June, the Iowa State Historical Society finally opened long- embargoed
boxes of self-published, highly-detailed, autobiographical journals donated
by a not-particularly-prominent architect named Charles Remey, who died in
1979 and who was apparently obsessed with making sure the public was not
denied his life story.  In describing the collection, a Des Moines Register
writer wrote that one of the volumes, "The Wardrobe of Gertrude Heim Remey,"
Charles's wife, was "quite likely the best book ever written about his
wife's clothes." [Des Moines Register, 6-7-95]

* A September Associated Press dispatch from Sri Lanka reported that a
30-year-old man had been sentenced to prison on two charges:  for having
sex with a cow, three months, and for raping a female human two weeks
earlier, another three months.  However, the judge apparently thought the
two sentences were excessive and thus suspended the first one. [The Japan
Times- AP, 9-23-95]

* According to a May Wall Street Journal article, Palestinians intent on
improving their personal religious standing now suffer from "martyr
inflation"--terming any relative who passes away to be a martyr.  Muslims
believe that a martyr goes straight to paradise, sits with God, is absolved
of all sins, and enjoys 70 virgin brides.  According to a Palestinian
journalist, "It's not easy to come to a family and say, 'Your relative is
not a martyr.  He's just dead.'" [Wall Street Journal, 5-15-95]

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