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18 Dec
A Tasty Bit of Tasty Bits from the Technology Front 12/18/95

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 95 00:30:37 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: A Tasty Bit of Tasty Bits from the Technology Front 12/18/95

From: (Keith Dawson)
Excerpted-from: TBTF for 12/18/95-

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||| Followup: Scientology loses two more |||

TBTF for 12/10/95, <>
TBTF for 12/6/95, <>
TBTF for 8/21/95 <>

On 12/13 A Federal judge in Denver ordered some confiscated material returned
to two ex-members from whom it was seized. The Scientologists had argued on
First Amendment grounds that they could not return the material because they
would be excommunicated and would put their immortal souls in jeopardy. The
judge ruled that such concerns cannot be a factor in court rulings. The court
did not release the most controversial materials, which purport to be the se-
cret inner teachings of the Church. These materials are widely available on
the Net despite the Church's efforts to suppress them.

On 12/12 the Church of Scientology dropped a lawsuit in Holland after insti-
gating a raid and confiscation of allegedly copyrighted materials from a
Dutch ISP.  From tht first the defendents have insisted on seeing proof of
copyright, and the Church has never provided any.


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