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9 Jan
WhiteBoardness 1/8/96

Date: Tue, 9 Jan 96 16:21:50 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: WhiteBoardness 1/8/96

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for January 08, 1996

Seoul, South Korea:

A man who fell into a manhole after a year-end drinking binge was rescued
early Saturday after eight days of wandering through dark sewage ducts.

"It was pitch-dark down there.  I scrambled for the way out and yelled
repeatedly for help, but nobody came," Cho Sung-chul, 51, told police.

Police believe Cho -- heavily intoxicated -- lost consciousness after he
fell into the manhole on December 28.  When he came to, they said, he lost
his way in the dark labyrinth of the sewage system.

Cho told police he drank sewage water and wrapped his body in plastic bags
to fend off the cold.

Police rescued him after a man heard a feeble cry for help near his home in
southern Seoul.

A hiker who lost his way in California's Big Sur for eight days sued
Montery County for bungling the rescue effort.

Terrebonne, Oregon:

A Redmond, Oregon, man who tried to rappel down a 365-foot cliff with only
250 feet of rope dangled in the predawn darkness of the Crooked River Gorge
for seven hours until he was rescued.

Mitchell Lewis, 32, had just been released from the Deschutes County Jail
after serving four months and told sheriff's deputies from Jefferson County
he likes to rappel under a bright moon.

Lewis, on probation for forgery, burglary and other charges, said it was
his first chance to give it a try since he was released Wednesday.

A Jefferson County Sheriff's deputy spotted him hanging on the cliffside
Thursday morning and summoned county rescue teams.

Lewis now faces charges of disorderly conduct and probation violations
involving his rescue.

MacArthur Wheeler, 46, who rubbed lemon juice on his face thinking it would
prevent surveillance cameras from taking a clear picture of him, has been
sentenced to 24 years in a Pennsylvania prison for bank robbery.

New York, New York:

Mike Tyson was minding his own business at Manhattan's Vertigo Club when up
walked a female patron -- who proceeded to peel off her clothes piece by
sexy piece.

When all but the absolute necessary clothing was piled at his feet, she gave
the boxer a long, soulful look.

"No offense, but I'd appreciate it if you'd put your clothes back on.  After
what I've been through, I think you can understand," he said.

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