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Weirdness [411] - 22Dec95

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Subject: Weirdness [411] - 22Dec95

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.411 (News of the Weird, December 22, 1995)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In October, the Miami (Ohio) University Student Senate voted official
recognition to the Miami U. Masturbation Society, thus permitting MUMS to
use University facilities for its meetings.  According to its constitution,
MUMS hopes to promote "the safest sex possible," as well as to "challenge
social prejudice" and stereotypes, and "to strive toward manual dexterity"
and "hand-eye coordination." [The Miami Student, 10-27-95]

* According to a Knight-Ridder News Service report from Hanoi in September,
one of the country's most popular TV programs is "Ba Nu Tham Tu" ("Charlie's
Angels").  According to an official for the company that distributes the
show, it is very popular among "intellectuals."  "The [actresses] are very
intelligent," he said, "and the acting is good." [The
Oregonian-Knight-Ridder, 9- 24-95]

* In August Kim Sun Myung, 70, thought to be the longest- serving prisoner
of war in the world, was freed in South Korea, where he had been held --
mostly in solitary confinement -- since the outbreak of the Korean War in
1951.  Officials said he would have been released years ago had he only
publicly renounced his support for North Korea. [Columbus Dispatch-N. Y.
Times, 8- 20-95]

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