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12 Jan
A Newspaper for the Web

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 96 17:18:52 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: A Newspaper for the Web

    I couldn't imagine being caught dead with a copy of USA TODAY under my  
arm, but ... for a WWW resource, it's not bad.  Its glitzy, content-light (or  
perhaps "content challenged") format is just right for the relatively glitzy  
Web.  And they really seem intent on making it work; I understand that they  
have over 20,000 pages ranging from sports to weather to... um, news.
    For instance the weather must have thousands of pages alone - aside from  
the expected clickable map of the U.S. for region selection (750 cities!)  
there are a dozen weather articles including topical ones like "Storm Fades  
Into History" (with 3 sub articles) and obvious perennials like "Next Week,"  
"For Pilots," and "Weather Lite - Fun facts and bet winners."
    So far I've been exploring their weather stuff and finding it quite usable  
(unlike many other WWW weather resources that are much more meteorological  
than I need when I'm trying to decide what to pack for a week in Boston).   
Although response was relatively snappy, there are apparently several other  
people using their web site, too.  They went online 8/21/95, got their first  
million hits by 10/16/95 and reached two million by 1/10/96.

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